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Hello All,
I have been having alot of pain (tender, Sore) in my left breast for about 3 weeks. I was doing a breast exam and felt a small lump about the size of a pea.I went to my gyno yesterday he also felt it and sent me to get a mammogram/ultrasound. Which i got done today, the mammogram showed nothing,(they said probalby because of my age i'm 30)so they did the ultrasound. the lump i have the tech said is very mobile and she had a hard time seeing it on ultrasound she actually had to hold her finger on the lump and then place the wand right over it to try and catch it.
When the doc came in he really did'nt say much, but i did ask if it was a cyst and he said no. He suggested i get another ultrasound in 3 months, but i have an appt with a breast surgeon on Thursday so i will see what he thinks.
Sorry this is so long but i can't sleep or eat i am so scared when i think of breast cancer. Has anyone had an experience with a lump you can feel but not see?? I also have pain in my breast as well as under my arm, any ideas what this could be?? Any help would be great

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