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alright...i recently lost about 25-30lbs and the size, shape and i guess perkiness of my breasts changed completely (i went from a 42DDD to a 38DD). i'm 20 and i've always had kind of lumpy breasts, generally pea size, easily discernable circular lumps that were similar on both sides. but since the weight loss i've found an entirely different kind of's hard and kind of circular but it has no real shape, and it's alot harder to feel, i have to press down and go in a circular motion to locate it. i talked to my sister and my mom to see if they felt the same thing but they didn't. they said if it was cancer it would be really easy to feel. is this true? do cancerous lumps have a certain feel to them? also i have a light red splotch on the nipple of the same breast. i know i neeeed to go to the doc just in case, but i'm embarrassed because they sag so much since i lost weight...i know thats really vain but i can't help it. i don't have health insurance but i am going to make an appt at a clinic. i was just curious about how different lumps feel.

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