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It is the call we all dread and fear. Keep in mind the vast majority of these lumps are NOT CANCER! By now you are having the new test so this will be a mute point. Since you have fibrocystic breasts this is something that will continue to happen.... the dreaded call-back. My word of advise from a fellow fibrocyctic breast woman, if there is any question about a lump even after having a mammogram/ultrasound insist on an MRI. I had a questionable area even after having the extra views. The wrong decision allowed my breast cancer diagnosis to be put off for 7 months. An MRI would have diagnosed my breast cancer much sooner. The breast center said their finding didn't warrant an MRI even after my doctor requested one. Sometimes you have to be very pro-active as it can catch cancer much sooner.
As for the long wait for appointments or a finding, the thing I do is just know I am doing the right thing and there isn't any more I can do at the moment. I KEEP BUSY and shove the dark thoughts out of my head. Hang in there a please let us know how it turns out. Take care, Sharon

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