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Hi there,

At the weekend I spotted a small, quite shallow dimple in my left breast when I was standing in a strange position and happened to look in the mirror. It is towards the bottom and the 'inside' of my breast (rather than the side closest to my armpit) and only is visible when I squeeze my breasts towards each other. I have felt as much as I can around the boob and can't immediately find anything other than my nobbly ribs - my breasts are fairly small! I have felt for lumps previously and cant feel anything different this time as to previous times.

Naturally everything on the internet says this dimple is breast cancer - but I have read that breast dimpling and puckering generally becomes more apparent when you raise your arms above your head. This is not the case with mine and is definitely only apparent when I squeeze them together and flex my pectoral muscles.

I am certain this isn't something I've always had as I'm sure I would have spotted it before - however, I have no idea how long it has been there and I am praying I will wake up one day soon and it wont be there, perhaps indicating it is down to menstrual changes!

I should mention I had a sleepless tearful night the day that I found it as I suffer from bad health anxiety and tend to spiral into blind panic, so I went straight to my doctor the next day. She looked at it and immediately said she didn't think it was anything to worry about, felt around the area for lumps and couldn't find anything. This put my mind at rest for about two hours before I felt compelled to look at it again - and then the anxiety starts again!

I guess I'm hoping someone will say they get this at certain times of the month etc - wishful thinking? Is it correct that if connected to a lump, this dimple would become more apparent when my arms are raised? When I raise my arm or stretch them back behind me my breasts look smooth and flat on the surface.

My left breast has always been more troublesome in the past in terms of a few strange pains when I first started the pill (I am no longer on the pill) and quite quick stabbing pains around that inside lower area of my boob which have come and gone since I was 17. The visual change just scares me more than the pain.

Don't get me wrong - I understand that my doctor said it was nothing to worry about and this really should be enough for me. She said she will feel them again in three weeks (I am going in for something else). I really desperately want to put it out of my mind for those three weeks but I am struggling.

Also I should mention there is no history of breast cancer in my family - my dad has cancer but not breast or hereditary - and I am 25.

Thanks in advance,

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