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Hello i have been to a breast clinic today to access why I have been getting spots of blood from my right breast, and I got worried when I was being sent in and out of the mammogram room.

About two - three weeks ago I noticed blood stained watery discharge coming out of my right breast. I went to my GP, who done a prolactin test which came back negative. My GP said she could not find any lumps. She said she thinks it may be hormonal and referred me to the breast clinic.

I have had a couple of mammograms in the past and ultrasounds and was reassured everything was ok. I just had painful breasts at that time. Today was a bit frightening. I met with the doctor first who examined me and squeezed some fluid which he said was dark brown lets hope there is no blood I it he said. Might I just add here the discharge had stopped after about five days so the doctor managed anyhow to get some. It has been sent to cytology.

He sent me for mammogram and ultrasound. Finished mammogram, went for ultrasound and the radiologist I met had done my previous ultrasound two years ago. So he was comparing both mammograms and what scared me was before he did the ultrasound he sat and held my hand for a long time. He said there was no change comparing the mammograms, but that he was going to have a very good look. So he did. He then said that he just wanted two more images something to do with that he had seen something on ultrasound two years ago but that there was no change, so at this point i'm wondering what he had seen previously so I go in for another mammogram they marked an area of my breast with marker and used little plastic shapes and my right breast was hurting like bell with the compression. They took the images to the radiologist and after about ten minutes he comes out to me with a nurse.

This is where I started to get worried. He said there is one other test he would like to do, a contrast mammogram. I asked him what's wrong he said he does these often for cancer and benign issues. He said I had a focal area of tissue something about asymmetrical he said he was doing this not only for me but for himself also. He told me not to worry. Then he said have some tea while I was waiting for things to be setup. He said he would get it and nurse said she would get it and she brought it to me.

I had the mammogram with contrast and was told I will get a call soon with results. Apparently there is a meeting on a certain day where docs meet up to discuss people's cases.

I have not been feeling well for 6 months with balance and visual problems and very tired. I don't know what to expect. His hand in mine was like he knew something he just held it too long. Am I reading too much into this? I am worried.


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