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... (1 replies)
... For the past couple of months I have had pain on the upper side of my left breast up near my armpit. Sometimes the pain is in my armpit as well. I had my armpit checked by my gen. ... (1 replies)
... Im not a doctor but I have dense tissue too, just had my mammo and ultrasound and biopsy, and got call today to say all was fine, just benign breast lumps. ... (1 replies)

... I had a mammogram Monday and I was notified today that I have dense breast tissue in both breasts. I go in tomorrow morning for more digital mammogram pictures. Should I be worried? ... (1 replies)
... Shellie, thank you for sharing your story... I am new to this board but have had breast cancer. My breast cancer was also missed by my yearly mammogram and I found a lump 7 months after my "clear" outcome. ... (1 replies)
... probably genetics as well, I have very dense breast tissue therefore mammograms have proven a waste of time EVERYtime... ... (1 replies)
... Look at the facts, vegetarians get breast cancer, athletes get it, women with no family history get it. There is not any 1 factor . ... (5 replies)
... numbing and dull heavy aching down my right arm I have had a needle biopsy and ultrasounds as well as a MRI with contrast the only answer they keep giving me is dense breast tissue. The pain has gotten to the point its effecting my life cause Im so frustrated. ... (3 replies)
... Ultrasounds are not fool proof. I also have very dense breast tissue and that made it hard to detect my lump on a Mammogram or an ultrasound. Do you still have the lump? ... (2 replies)
... really diagnostic due to dense breast tissue. ... (29 replies)
... I am 33 and I have had continual pain along the lateral side of my right breast for the past 8 months and I had my first Mammo done in Aug. ... (5 replies)
Very Scared
Apr 5, 2012
... I have had breast cancer... the lump I felt was like I had a piece of cauliflower under my skin. It was not smooth, and you could not feel the edges. ... (9 replies)
... d 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I became concerned about a small lump near my right armpit. My OBGYN felt of it and said "It's just normal breast tissue. ... (5 replies)
... scooty sensation in the lower inner quadrant of my breast where there's not much breast tissue to speak of. No lump, but sort of a sensation of something clicking or sliding against my rib, if that makes any sense. ... (9 replies)
... I certainly know what angry breast tissue feels like. I have dense breast tissue....small breasts too. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Paperlaces! Thanks for the hugs. Yes I think it was an allergic reaction. Hope your dr. visit goes well. You are still having pain in the area too. Mine is a soreness, if I press up against it. I pray I just have an overly cautious doctor, but not one, that wants to push surgery either. ... (24 replies)
Very Scared
Apr 5, 2012
... This is my third time trying to reply, I hope this is the charm! I would take some kind of OTC pain medication like tylenol of ibuprofen. If it isn't better in the morning, call your doctor back. ... (9 replies)
... c they say I have dense tissue that they can see and I do have some pain just in my left breast. ... (2 replies)
... I have been in severe pain since last Weds with pain in the left breast. I am 39 and on HRT because of hysterctomy 8 years ago. Pain is radiates in the whole breast but no lump. ... (2 replies)
... ea. It's faint, but hurts and hurts when pressure is continually applied, ie by my bra. It only recently began. I never really noticed it until tonight, when the pain got worse. I looked up information on breast cancer and stuff and found your post. Please, if you find out anything, let me know! ... (15 replies)

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