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... I had a mammogram last week. ... (2 replies)
... I had the same letter a few years back. I went in for the ultrasound and it was just calcifications. Calcifications weren't explained to me...but, they said not to worry. ... (15 replies)
... I am 40 years old and just had my first mammogram last week. I received a letter in the mail yesterday stating I will need a bilateral ultrasound for further evaluation. ... (15 replies)

... Where I go, it depends on what the Dr. ordered. If they order a screening mammogram, they send a letter in about 2 weeks. If they order a diagnostic, they tell you before you leave the office. ... (5 replies)
... I just got the results of my yearly mammogram and I am more than a little concerned. The hospital radiologist sent me a letter saying that an area was seen that they believe is benign but reccomend that I have another mammogram in 6 months. ... (6 replies)
... I just had one done a few weeks ago and it all started with the same type of letter you originally received. ... (17 replies)
... hi i just had a mammogram a few weeks ago i didnt get a letter from hospital i got a call from my doctor that i needed to have a ultra sound done because of a more discrete masses seen and looked suspicious does anyone know what this means and should i worry no one has metioned it could be cancer (17 replies)
... akes more pictures just to be certain all is well. I would not worry about it yet and I also would not hesitate to call your doctor on the phone and ask him the results of the first test prior to the second one. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Bev, I'm 53, and started regular mammo's at 40.... due to a couple of calcifications on one side, I've had (conservative estimate!) about 40 xrays now of the ol' girls. I remember how un-nerving it was to say the least, the first time they said, "repeat the study, the result is not clear." You have yourself mentally in the worst possible scenarios within 5 minutes of... (17 replies)
... That report means that you are young enough that dense breast tissue kept them from seeing anything one way or the other. In fact the doctor may decide to try to do ultrasound instead in order to distinguish the tissues. So far that is a good thing that nothing important stands out to them. I hope that the news remains good news. (17 replies)
... I just had my first screening mammogram at age 41 and got a letter back from the radiology center 4 days after the mammogram stating that due to "overlapping densities or other technical problems" I must have another X-ray on my left breast. I have scheduled that for this Tuesday (5/25). These form letters (they must send them to patients by law I learned from the... (17 replies)
First mammogram.
Nov 14, 2017
... Hi, I had a mammogram five days ago. Today I received a letter in the post asking me to go back on Monday. This is my first mammogram and whilst I realise some woman get called back especially from their first one, I didn't expect to get a recall so quick. ... (3 replies)
Mammogram recall
Jun 21, 2015
... Here it looks like you just get a standard letter no matter what they've found if you need more tests. ... (9 replies)
... there was a letter requesting more imaging done asap. ... (3 replies)
... She had the biopsy On Tuesday last week and the nurse made an appointment for her to come back the following Tuesday for the results , they do not give the results over the phone my mother was told. ... (2 replies)
... Just a little nervous. I had my mammogram about 2 weeks ago and rec'd a letter saying it was abnormal on the left side. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for the quick replies! I had been waiting to hear of my results all week and anxiously awaiting the mail in hopes that I'd get a letter stating all was well so the call today was a shock! I could barely talk on the phone I was so scared. ... (4 replies)
... ultrasound. We make ourselves sick over getting the results with good cause. I received a new letter and they said to come back in 6 months to make sure there are no changes. my letter said probably benigh. I have to say that worried me so I called the office. ... (18 replies)
... iminary radiologist thank them for alerting you to that and try to find someone who specializes in examing dense breasts. If your initial radiologist sends you a letter saying 'dense breasts' and 'suggest further testing' see if your insurance will pay for you to get a more sensitive test. ... (18 replies)
... I just had this done and they couldn't exactly identify what I had with the mammogram so did the ultrasound and could see much better. ... (18 replies)

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