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... yellowish discharge from her left nipple, and that breast is swollen and sore. It hurts her to wear a bra. She had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago, and has been on HRT ever since. ... (2 replies)
... Over the last few weeks. I have had pain in My rightbreast Under the Nipple and it feelsa lumpy compaired to the left one. No Lump under arm. But feels lumpy. And right breast feels sore to touch. ... (3 replies)
... For the past three week's my under arms have been extremely sore, and the pain is actually very distracting. I then had a sore spot on my left "breast". I rubbed the area, and noticed that there was a little hard "pea" shaped lump. On the surface, there is a little red area. ... (1 replies)

Pain under arms
Jan 30, 2007
... I have had what you are all describing for just under a year on and off. ... (10 replies)
... breast area is sore this morning .Under my left arm is hurting just a thobbing feeling and the veins or sore .My hubby hugged me this morning a strong grip and it hurt me .But I didn't tell him .Under my breast is sore along the ribs.I guess I gotta break down annd go to the Doc. ... (4 replies)
... I don,t know what this is really but I hurt in my chest breast area and under my right arm the muscles or soreand down my right side to the end of the ribcage..Just a sore dull hurt in my breast. ... (4 replies)
Sore breasts
Sep 17, 2004
... Hi there all....Can sore breasts be cause of an infection..or is this breast cancer? ... (1 replies)
... A week ago I knocked myself on my left nipple and realised it was quite sore. Having a quick feel I discovered a small lump just behind my nipple on the left hand side. ... (1 replies)
... im 42 yrs old and while in the shower last week i found a 2/3cm grape like lump in my left breast ,its not hard but not dead soft dont think it moves and is in my cup area of my bra facing under my arm it is not sore but my breasts feel a bit tender,i dont no if these other symptoms r related but i av a cold and feel tierd all the time ,cough ,bad chest , and also iv been avin... (3 replies)
... Okay, so one night I was rubbing the little part of my arm that connect to my body, because it was sore. I felt something. ... (0 replies)
... odes til 2 weeks after my mastectomy, if there is cancer in them then i have to go back in for another operation to remove my lymph nodes then have to have chemo and radiotherepy, just really feelin awfull at the moment, anyway thought i would let you know , hope all is goin well for you.... ... (14 replies)
... go through breast cancer and is coming with me and my partner to see the surgeon for the results.... ... (14 replies)
... My breast seem to always be sore because of the fibrocystic problem so when I felt the cyst I wasn't that concerned. When my doctor said today it was a lymph node I was immediately terrified. ... (9 replies)
... ve prompted me to have some tests taken. I will list them in a moment. I have developed a new issue which worries me. In the past 3 days I have been experiencing breast pain. Only in my left breast. It is a dull, shooting pain that comes and goes. Worse if I am up and walking around. ... (1 replies)
Apr 23, 2007
... hich they did an immediate ultrasound...said its protocol if they see anything. Surprisingly the gave me my results. At that time I was having loads of anxiety and needed something. ... (107 replies)
Breast Lump
Nov 28, 2006
... I have been having a bit of pain under my left boob going around to my back. my doctor does not think this is anything to worry about. also feeling like i've pulled a muscle under my arm. ... (5 replies)
... said it was nothing only hormonal however I have only taken a couple of the pills so far along with evening primrose oil but I still have the pain, also down my arm and under both arms, I'm not sure if it's because I keep poking around trying to find a lump and the breast tissue is delicate... ... (2 replies)
... Mandalin...I'm a universal mother figure...get it checked out..if you can feel it get an ultrasound....ultrasound is the best modality for palpable lumps. If the lump is sore...that's good.If the lump is in the axillary region(arm pit) it could be a lymph node...lymph nodes are normal and can sometimes become inflamed or it could be a cyst(fluid filled sac that's benign)... (29 replies)
... in my left breast for about 3 weeks. I was doing a breast exam and felt a small lump about the size of a pea. ... (29 replies)
... Can one get very sore lymph nodes under the arm from shaving and razor burn? ... (2 replies)

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