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I wish I could pick up the phone & talk with you! Please, please try to calm down until you get the whole picture! My friend had a very large tumor and 8 lymph nodes on the left and 1 on the right involved..not very good. But please listen to me.He had a very good team of doctors who decided on chemo & radiation concurrent which is a good treatment plan for stage 4. His tumor was so large that surgery would have been too disfiguring.So they tried to shrink the tumor first. He had a feeding tube put in his stomach because radiation causes the throat to become very sore and swallowing is difficult. He is very small framed and could not afford to lose alot of weight. After about 1 chemo tx and a third of the way into radiation, the doctors said his tumor was responding very well. If you are offered radiation, studies show that chemo added makes the radiation work better! Also ask for something to protect your salivary glands.Anyway after tx, doctors said he had a complete response which means the tumor was gone.Follow up pet scan showed no cancer! Now listen to me....stop acting like you know its in your lungs until you are sure. The other thing is statistics...I did the same thing you are doing. Until I talked to my friends doctor. He said the statistics are hard to go by because they don't tell you things like...this cancer usually affects men over 65 with a history of smoking & drinking so alot of the 60% that don't make it die from heart disease & other things like old age not the cancer itself. Also if you are younger like my friend(37 at the time) and in good health your chances of being on the good side of the statistics is very good. If you are younger they will hit you hard with treatment which is good. At the time, its tough to go through but in the end it helps!My friend is one year out from this and is doing well! SIde effects took a while to go away(not having taste, hard to swallow and sore throat& dry mouth But they do!!! Please be positive!!!You can do this! LOve to hear from you! PlyDr4Me,
The first node that was swollen was very swollen, like the size of an egg! Visible on his neck. Like I said before, I think your okay because the doc says when its cancerous, the lump does not decrease in size or go away. If I knew then what I know now, my friend's butt would have been to the doctor early on!!!! Don't go to the ER, you need an ENT. The doc in the ER told my frien he thought it was an infection from his teeth & referred him to an ENT just to be sure.Boy was he WRONG!!!! Good luck!

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