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I'm 14 years old. I have had a mysetrious lump in the lower left part of my abdomen. I discovered it like 4 years ago and it could have been there even longer.

I have never had any symptoms of cancer (rarley i have a strange kind of sensation in this area that hurts a little). If I'm rubbing my stomach I cant feel the lump. I have to rub my stomach in a different way because I can only feel it when i move my hands from side to side on my stomach because the lump is not round.The lump is long (it starts from the bone on my sides and goes down to the lower part of my left abdomen) and the lump is a little like rubber its not hard and its not really soft and i can move it a little. Even if i push very very hard there is no pain the only time it hurts is when I have to go to pee or when I have gas. And the strangest thing is that even when Im not touching it I can still feel a strange feeling in this area like its there and it feels strange. Could the lump jest be a part of my body because normal cancer tumors are not long and children dont normally have cancers in the abdomen..

If its been there for more than 4 years I dont think its cancer and it has never had symptoms. So my question is what could it be?

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