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I have had a problem that I have never shown anyone nor told anyone about.

I have a lump/mass in my groin. In the inguinal area. It is hard and movable. By movable, I mean that I can push it back inside my abdomen. It is under the skin and quite hard.

I noticed it about 16 years ago. I am able to push it back into my abdomen and have it stay, but when I am standing for a while it will pop back out again. A few years ago it stayed inside my abdomen for about 8 months without popping out. I have days that it doesnt bother me at all, other times I cannot get it to stay inside my abdoment.

basically it became noticable one evening while trying to have a bm. I then noticed it appeared as a bulge in the fold between my thigh and abdomen. when I pushed my stomach muscles, it would appear as a painless bulge. It gradually emerged through the muscles to where it is today.

I would estimate the mass/lump to be about 2" long and 1/2" - 1" wide. it is irregular in size and shape, although its elongated. Kinda like a peanut shape, almost like a couple ping pong balls together.

I don't think it has changed in size very much since I first noticed it physically appear. A couple of years before it emerged, I noticed the area was itchy almost all the time, a kind of under the skin itchiness.

Any opinions, what is it, cancer or something else? I know I should have gone to a doctor so no need to lecture.

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