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... as diagnosed. I have one brother and he says that he is often waiting for the other shoe to drop on him. It does add a greater element of fear when any unusual bump or lump appears on us and we can't help but wonder if that other shoe is dropping. However, Jon, cancer never comes as a punishment. ... (13 replies)
Bump in my leg
Apr 13, 2004
... I just found the exact same bump to the left on my shin on my left leg. I'm going to make an app. to see a doctor and I'll post my results. ... (8 replies)
Bump in my leg
Apr 10, 2004
... When I was 15 I noticed a bump on my leg when I squated. It was about halfway between knee and ankle on side. ... (8 replies)

Bump in my leg
Jan 6, 2004
... mt daughter also noticed a lump in her leg which we thought maybe was a spider bite. turned out to be a liposarcoma. cancerous tumor. i would ask your dr. about a rhabdomysarcoma or tumor. ... (8 replies)
Bump in my leg
Jan 2, 2004
... recently i noticed this bump just to the left of my shin on my left leg... it only appears when i bend my leg and i can like push it and it's squishy... it's not very big, but enough to notice. ... (8 replies)
... Well 1 year later i got a bump on my arm the same shap an everything then 3 months later i got one on my leg. ... (5 replies)
... hi guys, i really need to know if any of you have heard of this, i have been getting this bump its is to the right of my testicle on my higher thigh, its a red bump prob the size of a huge zit, maybe even bigger, its prob double the size of a huge zit... ... (7 replies)
... oticed a slightly raised swelling about 3" above my right knee, it is about 2" by 2" and is very soft and painless and only noticeable when i bend my leg,when my leg is out staight you cannot see or feel it. Any ideas please? ... (0 replies)
... Also how quick does bone cancer spread would 1 week make a difference if Ive noticed the bump there for aout 3 weeks? ... (1 replies)
... I am 34 yrold Female and have been ill feeling for over 1 year with several non related symptoms. But, about 9 weeks ago I noticed a swollen bump on my left legs shin. it is right below my knee just to the right of my shinn. ... (3 replies)
A little worryed
Aug 12, 2005
... I had no leg pain. ... (4 replies)
A little worryed
Aug 12, 2005
... About a year ago I hurt my knee and I healed fairly quick but even now every now and then its sore and seems that the leg is very easy to hurt. A few weeks ago I noticed a bump near the place where the injury occured. ... (4 replies)
... I have recently noticed a strange pain in my lower leg within the last month. ... (6 replies)
Bump in my leg
Jul 15, 2004
... Thank you all for the advice. I did get it checked out and the doctor said it had no signs of a "bad lump", as he put it. I'll be going back in several months to make sure it hasn't changed, but it's been a few months and it hasn't so I doubt it will. A few things he said it might be are a defect in my fascia muscle, scar tissue from when i broke my ankle as a kid, and two... (8 replies)
Bump in my leg
May 24, 2004
... My grown daughter had a lump near her shin bone years ago. The doctor said it was a side effect of birth control pills. She went off the pills and was fine. Good Luck! (8 replies)
Bump in my leg
May 13, 2004
... HI Mate It may just be a harmless cyst or an injury from muscle damage if you play a lot of sport. Get it checked. If your gut is not happy with the answers get 2 or 3 checks (8 replies)
Bump in my leg
Apr 10, 2004
... It also could be a begine tumore called a lipoma, a fatty tumor. I have tons, and tons of them. (8 replies)
... About 3 years ago i noticed a rubber ball lump in my stomach on the left side right under my rib cage. The bump is noy hard but it hurts alot everyday. So about 1 month ago i went to the doctor and he felt the lump and says it is a fatty tissue . ... (3 replies)
Bump in my leg
Jan 4, 2004
... If you are that worried about it, go to a doctor (if your doctor says they don't know what it is, go to someone that MIGHT know what it is at least!!). Ask the doctor to explain to you what the signs and symptoms of having a cancerous lump are, this will help in future situations. It never hurts to get it checked out! blue (8 replies)
... You're very right...the fact that you've had them for three years pretty much rules out cancer. :bouncing: (1 replies)

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