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... I have a small pea sized lump high up in the crease between my leg and scrotum to the right of the penis. It feels fairly hard and it is as though it is attached to the skin from above, not tissue below. ... (1 replies)
Is it cancer?
Jun 1, 2010
... nd other patients with this tumor i have had no surgery on my leg. I have had scrapes and cuts but nothing that i have ever needed medical help. It has sat in my leg for around 2 years. You can't see it unless you bend the skin to show it and it is easy to feel but hurts when touched. ... (1 replies)
... My own cancer journey began when my Mom, my Pop and my Uncle were all diagnosed one week after another over three weeks. ... (13 replies)

... My dad died of stomach cancer at age 66, my mom dies at 47 from breast cancer. ... (13 replies)
... lly are rare which is why so few are seen by everyday pathologists. Rare... which means that there is a much greater chance, much greater, that the mass in your leg is not a sarcoma but just a benign lump. ... (13 replies)
... Stage 2-3 ? But isnt stage 4 the end? I mean, if yours hasnt recurred in 13 years I would have thought it was a stage 1 when first removed. If I need chemo will i still be able to work? I cant take time off from work, they will fire me, lol. And I need the money. I cant believe I am having this conversation, lol............ YOu mean it took them 3 weeks because they... (13 replies)
... Hi Jon Okay, Buddy, the show is on the road. Sigh. I know it is a time of angst, but please try not to do yourself in with worry. It will only wear you down and we want you to be feeling strong for surgery. I am glad he is doing the surgery as though it is cancer. Does he happen to be an orthopaedic oncologist? I ask this because I had a straight surgeon take out the... (13 replies)
... Reach what type of cancer was it? ... (13 replies)
... First I am going to tell you that about 3 months ago, I felt a lump just below and to the right of my knee on the leg that initially had the cancer. I used the strategy that SamQKitty described... push the worry down as much as possible and get a plan of action going. ... (13 replies)
Lump on leg
Oct 2, 2009
... How big was the lump when you first found it? ... (7 replies)
Lump on leg
Oct 2, 2009
... Hi Pattyjane Hope all is still well with the leg. Lumps and bumps anywhere can be worrisome and it is really wise to just always get them checked out to ease our minds. Hi Jon I had taken a fall onto my knees on a hard school floor. Pulled my thigh muscles with the spill as well as slamming the knees. I was babying myself the next day and felt what I thought was a... (7 replies)
Lump on leg
Sep 30, 2009
... I have a lump on my leg hat is suspicious. ... (7 replies)
... Ruth thank you! That does make sense. I lie in bed imaging that this lump is cancer, then I think it spread to my lungs and liver and I'l be dead in six months. What will my wife and daughter do without me. ... (13 replies)
... ng is, I can make an appointment with my doctor. Once I've done worrying until I talk to the doctor. Okay, let's say the doctor says I have to have a lump removed...I schedule the surgery. Once it's scheduled, no worrying allowed until the surgery's over and they tell me what they think. ... (13 replies)
... Any time a surgeon removes tissue where there is even the slightest chance it could be cancerous, as in this case, full pathology will be done on doesn't just get thrown away! And the fact that this is encapsulated is good...even if it were to be some sort of cancer, tumors that are encapsulated have less of a chance of spreading that non-encapsulated tumors. ... (13 replies)
... My fear is that god forbid it is a cancer its been there for so long it may have spread. ... (13 replies)
... Oh and one other thing, I would think that if they were very suspicious of cancer a CT or MRI would be done before removal of the tumor, no ? ... (13 replies)
... OK, I have this lump on my leg about six inches directly below the knee. It is slightly bluish in color. I have had it for 28 year! I am 44. ... (13 replies)
... tissue sarcoma in my leg as a teen and it grew rapidly. ... (2 replies)
... d came up again. Something when i was thinking of something else it was practically gone. The "joke" is that the allergy thing is barly noticable since i got the lump and i don't take the medication anymore. It just came into my mind today that maybe it doesn't come from the Allergy but from cancer. ... (14 replies)

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