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Originally Posted by Tasha2003
1Ageless: Thanks for the reply. I have actually tried to cut back on computer time, started doing stretching exercises and taking B6 vitamins. I'm seeing a chiropractor with Kinesiology background on Thursday in hopes of gaining more info.
I have thyroid disease and type I diabetes, which can further complicate CTS. So far, I do not have weakness or problems during the day, but do have at night.
we'll see how it goes.
Btw, if you have hand surgery and it is your right hand, and you're right handed, what in the world do you do? I wear an insulin pump and need my hands to change out pump supplies etc. I have no clue how I would get by with my left hand?

Tasha ~
Cutting back or completely laying off your computer or doing any repetitive motion for a while can help the swelling. An anti-inflammtory, such as Aleve, may be of some help. You have stated that you know your thyroid and diabetes problems can cause complications. Most of the CTS symptoms are at night, with numbness and tingling awakening you. Many people sleep with their wrists flexed, and this will cause pressure on the nerve. Unfortuntately, I was misdiagnosed with traumatic carpal tunnel after an airbag injured me. I challenged the surgeon's diagnosis and told him "I feel like there is a fracture." I also reminded him that I had worked for one of the finest microvascular hand surgeons in the large metro area of a large city, and I watched him clench his jaw. He continued to insist that I have surgery, which I opted not to do, since I was certainly convinced his diagnosis was not correct. He chose to inject my wrist area with steroids "indefinitely." Unfotunately, at that time, I did not know the severe risks with steroids, and I found out the hard way. The surgeon insisted I undergo the surgery, and I reluctantly did so via the endoscopic route. His surgery failed! I still had the same symptoms that were not at all consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. He again began to inject me with steroids until my hand withered, bled under the skin, turned my carpal bones to mush, and the thenar eminence (the fat part of your thumb on the palm side) had withered. I immediately sought a second opinion with a second Board Certified Hand Surgeon that only specialized in "hands. After three years, an x-ray was taken, and my suspicion of a fracture was very correct. I had walked around with a wrist fracture for three years and it was never x-rayed prior to that! The second surgeon tried to save my hand, but the damage had been done. A DEXA-scan revealed that I also had osteoporosis in my left hand and forearm, showing about three carpal bones scattered up into my hand. An arthrogram revealed torn ligaments. I now have the use of only my right hand and arm. I really do miss my left upper extremity ~ I fall much easier now since I don't have two hands and arms to break my falls if I should trip, and I cannot catch myself, therefore, causing further injuries. Now I get to learn to be a handicap ~ I would strongly urge anyone not to put this off ~ Make sure your surgeon has a very good reputation by checking out certain websites that patient advocate, Sydney Wolfe, MD, can supply for you if you key in that name in your search engine. Don't believe everything your doctor tells you. Get a second opinion. If you have a phsician that you truly trust, ask him who HE would send his wife to for the absolute best care. Many of the medical education hospital facilities have some of the finest surgeons, since they are "teaching physicians" and they are not in it for the cash or a quick cure, or unfortunate misdiagosis and false trust from patients. ALSO, make sure you have an EMG / nerve conduction study with a good firm diagnosis prior to undergoing this surgery! Mine showed "possible mild early unsymptomatic" carpal tunnel syndrome, and the doctor doing the EMG agreed that my symptoms were not consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome. If I can attempt to get by with only one hand and arm the rest of my life, I think two weeks out of your life to save your hands is definitely worth it!!!

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