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[QUOTE=Sidmo]So last night I was home laying in bed and I had my right arm and the hand under my back just kind of resting and when I got up I felt my hand was numb, so believing it will wake back up, just like the other 5 billion times it has I got up and logged onto my computer, 20 minutes went by and my hand has ceased to be numb anymore....except for my pinky finger that remained numb, however it wasent numb to the point where I couldent feel it, it just felt different, like when you're hand is almost back awake after falling asleep kind of like that.

Well It is now today...and my pinky finger continues to be in that numb like state, it's a saturday so I can't go to the doctors but monday I will for sure.

I have felt no pain as of yet but my wrists do crack however that has been happening all of my life.

Sometimes my pinky finger feels like it's waking back up but then it seems to just go back into that state.

I am 19..and yes I do use a computer alot :)

Am I looking at CTS here or something different but similiar????[/QUOTE]

Hi, Sidmo - I'm sorry that I can't be of any help yet. I'm just starting to try to find out what's going on with my hand too. But if I find anything out I'll let you know. Our situations seem somewhat the same. - I have constant tingling/numbness in my left pinky that extends up the side of my hand to the wrist and then further up toward the elbow. Since this has started, I have lost strength in the hand as a whole. I used to play guitar professionally and now lack the strength (between my thumb and index finger of that hand) to be able to hold down and play a full barre chord. Slowly the sensation (or lack of it) seems to be spreading to my left ring finger as well. My left shoulder had been bothering me a lot before this started to happen. Your willingness to share information is gratefully appreciated. - Tom - PS _ This is my 1st attempt to find any answers.

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