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Hi Axenstar
Certainly sounds like you're overdoing the keyboard/mouse thing. I love this word 'shicking' but unfortunately don't know what it means - being Scottish I'm not too hot on Texan Talk :)

CTS usually affects the thumb, index, middle & part of ring fingers. Symptoms range from mild tingling sensations to pain & numbness. What's your workstation like? Is your entire forearm on the desk when you move the mouse? If your forearm is resting on the edge of the desk, that alone can cause problems.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is the one which affects your ring finger & pinky - compression on the ulnar nerve as opposed to the median nerve affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Check out some of the websites & you'll find shed loads of info on cts.
Good luck & best wishes.
Lidia :)

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