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Hi everyone. this is my first time writing on this particular board. I have had this wierd problem in my (mostly) left hand that has occured only about 3 times in total. I get this strange burning sensation on my palm which then goes down my forearm. It lasts for a couple of days then disappears and leaves no other symptoms after it's gone. It mainly occurs in my left hand, though I am a righty. And it really hurts. It feels like when you fall and scrape your skin and there is a major sensitivity to touch. Anyone ever experience this????

I have been a dental hygienist for 20 yrs and I never had any problems with carpal tunnel syndrome. I know this can be an occupational hazard for me.

Anyway, I finally went to a neurologist today for this problem and some other "wierd" thing happening in my left foot (tingling). The good news is the Dr. didn't think there was anything seriously wrong. He thinks my hand issue is carpal tunnel syndrome, which I know almost nothing about. (that's what you guys r for!) Anyhow, he wants me to have an EMG done .. Ouch!

OKay, so does this EMG hurt. I really don't want pain.. but I do want to know why my hands burn and my feet tingle!!

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