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I had a cortisone shot 2 days ago (52 hours now) and I still have barely any movement in my left wrist/hand. I had a shot last year and this did not happen? Should I be worried? I can't even open and close my hand.

I see the surgeon on Monday to have an EMG and discuss my options. I am only 27 and have had symptoms for CTS for almost 10 years. Rest, braces, NSAIDs and very occasional cortisone shots have usually worked but not this time. Urgh. I am also curious how long I would need to take off of work after surgery. I type most of the day--and can one hand type with my non-dominant right hand.
Hi, I had a cortisone injection in my left hand back in May of last year, and my hand was numb and painful for almost a week. It was my first injection, and I thought I'd made a big mistake even having it. But after the pain and numbness wore off, my symptoms were relieved for about 7 months.

After the symptoms returned, I had carpal tunnel release surgery on March 1. I returned to work on March 12 (I'm an assistant professor at a community college and we were out on spring break the whole week after my surgery.) I type a lot as well in my job, and was able to type with my right hand alone for awhile, then I went back to typing with my left hand (taking frequent breaks) at about 2 weeks post op, and fully back to typing almost normally at 4 weeks. (Typing is actually considered to be good therapy.)

But it would be best to consult with your doctor about this, just to be on the safe side.
I didn't have a freeze shot before the cortisone injections, but my doctor mixes an anesthetic in with the cortisone. I must say though, it didn't help much.

I had to have not only the injection for the CTS, but also for trigger finger in my middle finger. That one did not help at all and left my hand bruised.
The shot for the CTS in my left hand helped for about six months. I did find relief during that time. However, it was short lived, and when the symptoms returned, they were even worse.

Looking back now from the post-op side, I think I should have just gone ahead and had the surgery. The relief from that has been immediate and hopefully, permanent. In fact, I'm having the other hand done May 17.
Cortisone shots may work for some, but not for me. I actually climbed the wall and called the doctor a f--ing son of a b. He did not take offense because he knew about the pain. I left believing he must be Superman because he told me that one time he came home from a fly fishing trip and had to give HIMSELF one!

At any rate, the shot did nothing for me except to earn my status as a patient with the mouth of a truckdriver. (And I have a very high pain tolerance.) I wished I'd just had the surgery and forgone the shot.

The surgery was painful (more than anticipated) and I was lucky enough to find a doc who actually put me under, instead of using a local. This surgery is no small deal. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you have the pain medication FIRST so that you don't have to get it afterwards (my doc had neglected to date the Rx! - Just try getting a doc you don't even know to call in a major pain script at 10 pm). Have everything in place. Have someone to help you for a day or 2. thing to think about...which hand do you clean yourself with?
So the numbness persists but I do have movement again. Pain, numbess but at least I have movement.

I saw my surgeon on Monday to review the EMG results. They were essentially normal and since I am only 27 he refuses to do surgery. He said if I was 50 with these symptoms he would do it no questions. He offered no advice on what to do next except to go see a neurologist--maybe he/she could help.

I am going to see another hand surgeon for a second opinion tommorrow. I have minimal use of my dominant left hand. I am beyond frustrated. Some people may love being disabled but that is just not me. I have been working with 1 hand. It sucks but I refuse to miss work. I love my job. I only wish I could hold and care for my 10 month old son.

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