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My index finger of the right hand goes white (from poor blood circulation) and numb often for a few minutes many times during the day.
I read about vibration white finger and my problem sounds familiar except I am no where close to machines (other than a computer).
In the last year I've been on beta blockers for a couple of months and levo-thyroxine for a few months.
The only problem I have right now is a risk of type 1 diabetes which my endocrinologist is watching closely.
The only medicine I am on right now is vitamins.
I am 30 years old so I am really worried about this white finger situation.
Any suggestions would help. What kind of specialist would I need to go for consulting ?
Thank you
Hi Dream 77...I am new to this message a matter of fact this is my first post. I read your question and just had to join up and post to you...
I have Raynauld's disease which affects your circulation in your hands and feet too....You need to go see a Rheumatologist. My fingers turn white too and get numb also.
Good luck!
If numbness is due to carpal tunnel, then you would see an orthopedic doctor. Numbness is one of the biggest symptoms of carpal tunnel. If you use a mouse a lot when online you could be heading towards having carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel involves the thumb, the pointer and the middle finger. Also you might have some symptoms in the side of the ring finger that touches the middle finger. I had carpal tunnel and had surgery and never had pain in my thumb. In cold weather my pointer finger would be cold inside of gloves even when the rest of the fingers were warm enough. Circulation could be bad due to the fact that the tunnel that your nerves, veins and muscles are is compressed. Too little space for too many things in the same area. Good luck.
Thanks so much.
I don't smoke.. Actually I am quite a health freak and recently I am losing confidence in living healthy. I feel it is all to do with karma and genes anyways .. Since I don't have a boot load of bad karma it has got to be everything to do with genes.
I plan to see a doc tomorrow since I am getting very worried about the dizziness, chilled feet and hands and the 2 white fingers.
I check my BP in my workplace but that is all good. I am pretty convinced something REAL bad is coming my way. We shall see.... :-)

I am sorry to know about your CTS, I hope you get to feel better real soon. Thanks for your help.
Hi hon! Please post back and let me know what the Dr. said...ok?
There are many things that could cause your fingers to turn white so please go to the Dr. to find out. I hope it is not anything serious....if it will cope with it. Hang in there and just find out what it is.

Oh Good! Glad you went to the Dr.! I will check back in here from time to time to see if you have found out anything....
In the meantime...try not to worry...
Take care!
Hi Hon...There are so many different things that can cause dizziness that only your Dr. could tell you that. You aren't pregnant ...are you?:confused:

If I was dizzy all the time I would let him run tests on me until I found out what it was...of course assuming you have insurance.
Different med's can cause dizziness too.
I will keep checking back in to see if you found out for sure if you have Raynaulds or not...
Take care!
My GP definitely thinks I have Reynaud's. My blood work came back fine with even the thyroid looking ok which I was kinda sure would be underactive. I think he was looking for lupus given my recent one year history of being bombarded with auto-immue issues.
Anyways since last week new deelopments have been stomach ache and diarrhea plus a throat ache so I am really really hoping I've had a lurking stomach bug that has been making me feel weak.
My 1 year old is sick big time with cough and all so I think I got something from her.
anyways i go back to him tomorrow since he can't figure what's wrong with me and I'll tell him these new developments.
The weekend was warm so reynauds showed up only once but this morning it was cold again in Houston so as soon as I stepped out my fingers go chilled and white ..
Hi hon...thanks for posting back. I remember when my fingers turned white and lost feeling in them...I will never forget it...I did not take it seriously.
If you do have Raynaulds...take it very serious. If it is under 60 degrees where you live and you go outside...wear mittens at all times...mittens are better then some hand warmers...and put inside your mittens.
They have those hand warmers at Hunting stores ....they have them at different places also Cosco's....Wal-mart....
Keep the blood circulating in your fingers sweetie....That is so important.
Your Dr. will not tell you all you need to know...look it educated.
When your fingers turn white...that means that the blood is not getting to them....if your fingers stay white for a while hon...that is serious...
don't let that happen.
My GP prescribed Norvase 2.5 mg and also asked me to meet a neurologist. He thinks I may have a mass in my brain. (I think he was nice to use the word "mass" instead of "tumour" or something)
I would go ahead and have that test on your brain hon....
you need to rule out any kind of mass....that would give you piece of mind at least. Don't jump to any conclusions though until you are actually TOLD you have a mass. I have learned in life that most of the things we fear will not happen.
Good Luck!
That is great news about your MRI result!
You should feel better some at least. As time goes on and you find out anything else...please post and I will see it when I come in here...
I am fixing to get a new computer so I will be off line for a couple of weeks learning
Good Luck!
OH! Merry Christmas!

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