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I was using my laptop a great deal at work and also playing too many games that required a lot of repetitive actions with my index finger either with a mouse or with the thinkstick on the laptop (red button in the middle). The stick was worse because it causes a lot of side to side moving and I tend to press too hard.

Back in mid-August I started getting this side to side twitch of my index finger. Kept occurring until around mid-Sept. It was off and on and computer use made it worse.

Switched from thinkstick to mouse and fixed my ergonomics and moved mouse to other hand and working on posture.

The twitching stopped but my finger still felt tingly at the tip and a little weird.

In October after more use it twitched again. Then in Novemeber after lifting a plant it twitched again. All the twitches so far were pretty obvious as far as back and forth.

If all I had was a once a month twitch then I would be ok but the fact that the finger feels odd the rest of the time and I am trying to protect it from use makes it a daily event.

One day in late november I think after some computer use and stress, the finger started twitching on its own but the twitch did not flick out as far. Slight side to side twitches off and on for a few hours. If it stopped all I had to do was push on the finger and it would start again. That lasted only one day.

In Dec, it still feels off. Someone suggested a ball squeeze and rubber band stretch to help it. I think that aggravated the problem because I started seeing more small twitches and if I push on the finger, the finger shakes side to side for a few seconds. That was not happening before I started pushing it again. I am trying to leave it alone now but I still have to type with it and the finger next to it.

I have no idea what this is but its driving me crazy. I went to a neurologist and passed blood work, urine and basic nuero test. Next step would have been a MRI but the doc was kinda of a quack. Would not listen to me when I said it occurred with use. Instead she said it could be an at rest issue and also said if the MRI was clean she was not going to do anything else but monitor for Parkinson or other stuff like that. Found out later she had very terrible reviews and was only in practice a few years. Not sure if I should see another. Dropped the MRI for now.

I have no pain in my finger hands which is why I question if its Carpal Tunnel.
My wrist does crackle if I move it around.

I do have issues with the opposite shoulder that causes pain and sometimes radiates down the arm. Not sure how the two can be related but they started around the same time.

This is driving me crazy. No idea if its carpal or not or simply over use or a trap nerve somewhere. Problem is the only symptom is really the finger twitch and sensitivity. No pain. Sometimes I feel some sensitivity on the adjoining fingers but not always.

Please anything to help. I doubt its something big but not knowing driving me very anxious. Googling the internet for twitching fingers only makes things worse.
Hi a hand specialist might be useful with of course a good rating, an EMG test might be useful. Do the hands ever turn blue? The hands are also probably begging for rest at this point. The usage should be moderate and not excessive. I would not play games. Perhaps a person should avoid all that typing. In my opinion the hands should be kept warm with ski sport type mittens in winter. Some people have found vitamin B-6 useful. Are there any medicines?
All I can tell you is my experience. I have had carpal tunnel for years and had one surgery on my left hand and two on my right hand. The right hand had scar tissue that squeezed the nerve and caused cts again. In between the surgeries on my right hand I had pain and then I'd have twitches that were pretty strong. I talked it over with my new hand specialist and he listened to what I told him. I think that if the nerve gets squeezed then your brain sends out impulses that go to the wrong area and it causes a twitch. My PT in my old neighborhood suggested something like that a long time ago. My new hand specialist said that it's possible because the nerve is not acting properly. So what I'd suggest is this, keep an eye on your twitches. See if you start having pain anywhere in your arms or fingers. This could be the beginning of CTS for you. (hopefully not.) Keep in touch and let us know how you are progressing.
Did your twitching go away after the problem was cleared up ?

My Chiropractor (seeing for a shoulder issue on other side) said he thinks it could be a nerve trapped. He does not think I have Carpal Tunnel based on what he checked on my wrists. He thinks the nerve could be trapped or irritated in one of four spots and two of my are real tight (neck and forearm) so he is going to work on those for a few weeks and if it does not clear up then recommend some Nureo docs to see.

After his first treatment I think it feels better but that could be mental. I see him again on Monday.

He also did not think it was carpal because I did not have other symptoms like pain.

I still think its overuse related so I am going to use a splint to minimize its use while I have two weeks away from work to see if the combination helps.

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