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... Not uncommon. Are you wearing a splint at night? If not, try it. Good Luck.. (4 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with Carpol Tunnel Syndrome and classified in the moderate range. I have CT in both hands but my left seems worse. ... (4 replies)
... inflammation pain relief and healing Cream developed by a person that had carpel tunnel pain in both wrists that is very good. ... (1 replies)

... i am going to have surgery on my elbow for ulnar nerve and wrist for carpal tunnel anyone had both ops together on left arm (1 replies)
... radial tunnel entrapment, and cubital tunnel syndrome. The radial tunnel nerve might be what is affecting your forearm. ... (4 replies)
... Canadianmom, A test for carpal tunnel (cts) is an emg. What they do is put those sticky tapes with wires on them on your arm in various places and then press things on a machine. You see your fingers fly up without doing it on your own. It's kinda funny. Also they take what looks like accupuncture needles and try them out in different parts of your arm. Ok, I know that... (4 replies)
... hi i have carpol tunnel syndrome i wear a wrist brace and have steroid injections at least once a year does help by my own g.p in uk its my right hand,i had physio but didnt help. ... (6 replies)
... Is anyone on Pain Meds for Carpo Tunnel? Do some people hurt all the time or is Carpo pain only when you do something to aggrevate it? Does the pain get worse and worse until it constantly hurts? Someone out there must have gone through this and can help me out, Please! (1 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with carpol tunnel syndrome and tendonitous in both hands with some nerve damage. I waited years with out getting the testing done which is my fault and insurance issues. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, This is my first post here. I just had CT surgery on my right hand about 4 weeks ago. It's still sore near the incision site, but the numbness and finger pain is totally gone. I do still get some wrist pain and pain in the palm of my hand, but I was told this is normal and it has to heal. It wasn't a picnic, but so far so good. The pain after surgery was moderate,... (4 replies)
... Yes I tried the splint last night, it did help with the pain and I was able to get some sleep. But hand still very sore and unable to close in the morning. Going to see a specialist the end of this month to see if I need surgery. (4 replies)
... hi I am recently diagnosed with CTS as well in the left hand. I had it in the right hand 1995 and had surgery. So far it is not as bad but my dr made me wear a split until i see him in Dec again. I feel that it is weaking my hand so I wear it mostly at night. My pain is more in the shoulder from a fall but I do have pain in my hand as well and tingling in the fingers. (4 replies)
Jun 18, 2007
... Help my mom has carpol tunnel and its not going away and she started too get itchy skin that comes on and off all the time and everytime her hands get cold they tun white and she cant feel anything like ther corpse fingers and she told the docter avout the syndromes and he said he didnt know..does anyone have any idea to what is causing this? (0 replies)
... I agree that your symptoms do sound like CTS. I suffered pain in my wrist and a kind of twanging in my lower arm. After a couple of weeks my doctor sent me for an x-ray which came back clear and then I was referred to the orthopaedic department of my local NHS hospital. They gave me a steroid injection in my wrist which gave me some relief for a week or so but then the pain... (4 replies)
... for me it started out as pain and alittle numbness by my pinky (on my left hand) and it shot down my hand, stopping alittle past my wrist. i would flex my hands and feel like it was stretching but it felt...odd. i'm sorry i'm not to good at explaining things. sometimes my hands would cramp and stay in a hunched over position. it was really strange at first. then my school... (4 replies)
... For about a month now I have been having whole arm pain. It increasinly has gotten worse. I did visit my GP on Friday who loosely dx it as a tendonitis. She put me on anti inflammatories and I am having xrays and ultrasound on Monday. I do spend a fair amount on this computer so I thought of CT but can that cause the whole arm to throb and ache? I've actually had a bit of... (4 replies)
... Hij ust thought i would reply to your post i also have carpol tunnel and have had steroid injections on a number of occasions one year three times which doctors don't like to give that many in such short time,It did help me and the pain asn't been so bad since,Although it comes and goes i use a strap at night that has a metal bar in it and keeps it very stable, :wave: susan (2 replies)
... Vics huh? I been on Lortabs (vics x 2) for 4 years now. I quit a couple of times but I dont remember the drawls being really bad. Now Methadone is the worse of the worse. Congrats on beeing clean. Your a better person for it. Keep it up. What I was wondering still was has anyone had to be on pain meds before surgery and does the pain go from spuratic to constant? (1 replies)
... and can they tell from it if it is some thing other than carpol tunnel. ... (7 replies)
... s elbow and not carpol tunnel. he gave me a cortisone injection at the base of my thumb anmd one in my elbow. ... (3 replies)

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