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... Hi, My index finger of the right hand goes white (from poor blood circulation) and numb often for a few minutes many times during the day. I read about vibration white finger and my problem sounds familiar except I am no where close to machines (other than a computer). In the last year I've been on beta blockers for a couple of months and levo-thyroxine for a few months. ... (19 replies)
... Keep the blood circulating in your fingers sweetie....That is so important. ... (19 replies)
... My GP definitely thinks I have Reynaud's. My blood work came back fine with even the thyroid looking ok which I was kinda sure would be underactive. ... (19 replies)

... My internal medicine doctor got my blood work results back. ... (19 replies)
... immune issues. He drew alot of blood and took a urine sample. Lets see what he finds. ... (19 replies)
... If you do please STOP! That makes your circulation much worse! ... (19 replies)
... ad surgery and never had pain in my thumb. In cold weather my pointer finger would be cold inside of gloves even when the rest of the fingers were warm enough. Circulation could be bad due to the fact that the tunnel that your nerves, veins and muscles are is compressed. Too little space for too many things in the same area. ... (19 replies)
... I have Raynauld's disease which affects your circulation in your hands and feet too....You need to go see a Rheumatologist. My fingers turn white too and get numb also. ... (19 replies)
... That is great news about your MRI result! You should feel better some at least. As time goes on and you find out anything else...please post and I will see it when I come in here... I am fixing to get a new computer so I will be off line for a couple of weeks learning Good Luck! OH! Merry Christmas! Catty~ (19 replies)
... Catty, My MRIs came back as negative which I was very relieved with. I have to go see a neurologist next week. Thanks for the support (19 replies)
... I would go ahead and have that test on your brain hon.... you need to rule out any kind of mass....that would give you piece of mind at least. Don't jump to any conclusions though until you are actually TOLD you have a mass. I have learned in life that most of the things we fear will not happen. Good Luck! Catty~ (19 replies)
... My GP prescribed Norvase 2.5 mg and also asked me to meet a neurologist. He thinks I may have a mass in my brain. (I think he was nice to use the word "mass" instead of "tumour" or something) (19 replies)
... Raynaulds effects the fingers and toes and ears mainly hon but can effect other arteries as well....there are many things we do not know. If your Dr. puts you on any medicine for it please post back and tell me what he put you on and what dosage...they are prescribing Viagra ( don't laugh! ) for it now plus does not want to pay for Viagra for a woman though... (19 replies)
... Thanks.. Wrt Reynauds, is this confined to only the fingers ? I feeel my whole hand sometimes elbow down is chilled and is icy with icicles gradually radiating from the wrist. Is this part of Raynauds ? Thansk (19 replies)
... Hi Hon...There are so many different things that can cause dizziness that only your Dr. could tell you that. You aren't pregnant ...are you?:confused: If I was dizzy all the time I would let him run tests on me until I found out what it was...of course assuming you have insurance. Different med's can cause dizziness too. I will keep checking back in to see if you found... (19 replies)
... Oh Good! Glad you went to the Dr.! I will check back in here from time to time to see if you have found out anything.... In the meantime...try not to worry... Take care! Catty~ (19 replies)
... Hi hon! Please post back and let me know what the Dr. said...ok? There are many things that could cause your fingers to turn white so please go to the Dr. to find out. I hope it is not anything serious....if it will cope with it. Hang in there and just find out what it is. Catty~ (19 replies)
... Thanks so much. I don't smoke.. Actually I am quite a health freak and recently I am losing confidence in living healthy. I feel it is all to do with karma and genes anyways .. Since I don't have a boot load of bad karma it has got to be everything to do with genes. I plan to see a doc tomorrow since I am getting very worried about the dizziness, chilled feet and hands and... (19 replies)
... Catty, Thanks alot.I did some search on Raynaud's and I think my symptoms feel very similar except that I also have a bit of dizziness and headache. Does this mean that Raynauds comes free with Rheumatoid arthiritis ? (19 replies)
... Catty, Thanks alot.I did some search on Raynaud's and I think my symptoms feel very similar except that I also have a bit of dizziness and headache. Does this mean that Raynauds comes free with Rheumatoid arthiritis ? (19 replies)

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