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Smearing feces
Nov 29, 2009
... What does it mean when a 7 year old child smears his feces on the walls? ... (0 replies)
... I am a foster parent and work in residential with boys most that have been sexual offended and that have reoffended on others. My 6 days away from 3 year old as you may have read in a thread is very hard to potty train. She will #2 in her pull-up and if I am not here and her dad is she knows he gets mad at her. She will go to her room and try to change her pull up herself and... (7 replies)
... She may be acting out. Children are the ones who suffer when parents are fighting, divorced, not present, new boyfreinds/girlfreind or new marriage and children. Their lives are not balanced, they have trouble feeling like they belong and their home is unstable. Best advice is for the mother to not date and concentrate on raising her child until she is 18. I am not sure of the... (1 replies)

... I read some older threads on this issue and need some advice. Our granddaughter has been doing this lately, especially so since her mom has a new boyfriend. I know this is an attention-getter, but what brings this on? She has done this off and on for a few years. (1 replies)
... I would have him checked for autism/aspergers. Traits are aggressiveness and maybe he has a sensory issue. My son 6 used to fingerpaint with his poo on the walls, I used to make him clean it too.... I found that during bath time put a little shaving foam on the tiles and let him play.....this cut down his fingerpainting with poo dramatically.....he does not do it... (7 replies)
... He just started karate about 2 months ago and is loving it! He's growing so much from it. He actually put his dishes in the dishwasher the other day. Bout had a heart attack!!! Thanks for the replys, I feel much, much better that we have a good direction to go in! (7 replies)
... It could be a cry for attention! I know it will be a negative response (getting told off for being 'naughty') but to children who don't recieve much attention they crave any responses at all! This happened to a neighbours child, when they began to praise him for being good for a while and took a bit more attention of him it soon stopped. Good Luck (7 replies)
... or actually is he involved in sports? bonding with peers and male coaches may help him out too. (7 replies)
... well i am glad you figured it out. it makes sense to me too. why not try the big brother program? at least that way he will have a (consistent) male figure all to himself that his sister doesn't have. good luck:) (7 replies)
... Thank you so much! My mind just goes crazy when I hear stuff like that. I did talk to the school counselor and she thought it might have something to do with his dad. I should have mentioned that his dad is a real piece of work and is in and out, mostly out. RJ definitlely feels his absence and aches for a good male relationship. I guess that's why I get so freaked out... (7 replies)
... can you bring him to a child psychologist? they usually have some 'tricks' to get kids to talk; if it isn't sexual abuse it may be something else, so you probably don't want to guide him in his answers to your questions. if you do start asking him questions, make sure they are open ended, non-guiding, and non threatening/forceful. maybe you shoudl pick up a book on... (7 replies)
... My nephew, 6, has random incidents where he smears his poop on the walls. He did it probably a year ago and then again recently. His behavior towards his little sister has gotten very aggressive and downright mean. They fight like cats and dogs and believe me, that little girl can hold her own, but he acts like he hates her now. I know that this is a symptom of sexual... (7 replies)

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