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... TC: 223 Trig: 186 HDL: 43 LDL: 143 VLDL: 37 (0 replies)
... My husband is a very healthy and active 28 year old, but no matter what he does, his cholesterol is still high. Our doctor doesn't want to put him on medication because of his age, but he's getting really frustrated that everytime he has it checked (every 6 mos), it's the same or just a few points lower and the doctor tells him the same things to do over and over. He goes to... (1 replies)
... Hi, I was on statins and went off them when I experienced pains and aches which were horrible. I told my more statins and he put me on the generic of Questran, a drink I mixed and had before lunch and dinner. Well Thursday we got our new blood work numbers and they stink. I started 600 mg of Nature's Plus extended release Red Yeast Rice last night at... (8 replies)

... Numbers 5 months back TC= 238 mg/dL HDL=31 TRG=321 LDL=143 non-HDL=208 TC/HDL=7.8 Numbers Now: TC= 249 mg/dL (2 replies)
... I'm assuming you are not taking any cholesterol medications. Every 3 months sounds excessive for checking cholesterol. Actually I did blood test on January 1 ( result :T-C 228, LDL 143, and HDL 66) , my doctor let me to take Lipitor for 3-4 months and re-test on May 29 ( result :T-C 146, LDL 67, and HLD 62) . It is looks like that everything is fine and he let me to... (9 replies)
... Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 TRIG 131 Ratio 5. ... (15 replies)
High Tri's
Jul 12, 2007
... Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 Trig 131 Ratio 5. ... (14 replies)
... statin i refuse to take them. I do not exercise like i should but i think if i did it would help the numbers alot more. At one time my HDl was 28 Total was 260 LDL was 180 Tri was around 100 my new numbers are Total 223 HDL 53 LDL 143 and Tri 78.......... ... (21 replies)
New numbers
Jun 19, 2007
... Just had some blood work done and they went ahead and tested my cholesterol again here are the new numbers: Total-223 HDL-53 LDL-143 TRI-78 (10 replies)
... So I finally got my blood results in the mail today. Cholesterol total 247 should be tween 100-199 Triglycerdies 209 should be tween 0-199 HDL 78 should be 40-59 VLDL 42 should be tween 5-40 LDL 127 should be tween 0-99 AND my T3 uptake 20 should be tween 24-39 Last month results were (8 replies)
... Ho Haaa! That's why you disappeared in October 2006. Welcome back! I was worried about you. Cassiebel also disappeared in October 2006. Same month as you. I wonder if she is OK? From your latest test results, you have been enjoying his cooking too much! Your TC/HDL ratio represents a ratio of two unhealthy numbers, making a statistically good ratio, but an... (9 replies)
... Since my friend moved in with me in October, I have been enjoying his cooking. But since he has no problems with blood lipids or family history of heart disease, he uses a lot more high-fat meats and far more cooking oils than I normally do, even though most oil is olive oil. Plus, he enjoys sweets and I've started making cookies (with butter) a couple of times a week. Of... (9 replies)
... The formula is TC = LDL + HDL + Tri's/5 . So your total cholesterol works out as 143.6 + 63 + 47/5 = 216 My understanding is that the higher HDL, is the better. So an HDL of 63 is very good. Its just higher than "normal". And your risk ratio 3.4 is good too. Mark :) (8 replies)
... I have a lipid panel from Fall 2006 that I want to take to my new doc's appt. in a couple of days. I have no clue how the math works. Here it is: Chol: 216 (H) Borderline High is 201-239 Trig 47 (OK) Pref: <150 HDL 63 (H) Pref: 35-60 LDL 143.6 (H) Pref: <130 (8 replies)
... (I was off in some of my figures when I quoted them in original post)....I just dug out the Accual figures from Before he started Vytorin .... and after doing that for 3 months cutting them in half........ First I want to say , my husband is very very thin, only weighs about 140 & average height, he does eat the eggs, 1% milk, not a vegeterian, we rarely eat out, most... (26 replies)
... My husband is 42 yrs, he is already too skinny, he does not eat alot of fat , not too bad of a diet and he can not get his cholesterol down, a 2nd test in 6 months came out..... His # is 235, LDL is 143, HDL is 41, and Tri's used to be 160 (6 months ago) but jumped up to 253. What would cause Tri's to jump up in 6 months? His Doctor made me make an appointment and I KNOW... (14 replies)
... I have been on pravachol 20 mg for 6 years my lab today was trig 52 total chol 143 hdl 58 ldl 75 chol/hdlc ratio 2.5 bad part was i had a ebct calcium score test i scored very bad only 1 percent scored higher my nuber was close to 700 my thallium stress test was good. doc wants to switch me from pravchol to crestor any reason i should/shouldnt is one better then the... (8 replies)
... Absolutely! (21 replies)
... If we look at the numbers that make up your total cholesterol, the only one that is out of line is your LDL. And at 143, it is only borderline high anyway. The TC/HDL ratio, which apparently is the best indicator of heart disease risk, is only 2.9. Anything under 4.5 is considered safe. So could your doctor be over-reacting? Cheers, Mark :) (21 replies)
... would be appreciated: Cholesterol 241 triglycerides 75 HDL 83 LDL 143 (21 replies)

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