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... pounds. I just started exercising 3X a week at Curves. I am 5'4" and weigh 143 pounds. ... (9 replies)
Cinnamon update
Jun 26, 2006
... My bottle says to take 2 tablets twice a day . I take 150 mg capsules... (20 replies)
Cinnamon update
Jun 22, 2006
... I just got back from the doctors for my test results. Total went down again from last month 243 to 223.Last month my hdl was 85 and my ldl was 143 this month my hdl went down to 74 but my ldl also went down to 129. I been taking one cinnamon cap a day along with my tricor 145 mg. ... (20 replies)

... I agree. It looks like the LDL would be 89. I think the first three numbers are correct and someone calculated the LDL incorrectly. The 143 would also be correct. I know my lab sends the report without calculating the LDL and leaves that up to the doctor. ... (8 replies)
... That would give a much closer 146 total. Also a MUCH better LDL of 89. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, the diet could play a role in the higher test results especially prior to the test. I would think, and so do experts that you should concentrate more on raising the HDL. Statins are not know to increase HDL, and in fact can lower them. (8 replies)
... and because of the higher LDL Doc wants to up Provachol from 10 mg to 20. I have tolerated the 10 mg dose all right... ... (8 replies)
... Hi All! i just received my mom's lab results and i have some questions. I hope I'm not being too annoying, but the dr. did not go over anything with us at the visit. The only thing he said was that the "TC had dropped 40 points and to increast the zocor to a whole pill every day." He also said for my mom to increase her verapamil to 240 mgs and to take clonidine .02... (13 replies)
Cinnamon capsules?
May 30, 2006
... t but I also take meds.I like the med that I am on so I am hoping the cinnamon adds to it for my ldl.Total cholesteral is still to high but my.hdl is great 85 my ldl is to high at 143. ... (22 replies)
... All I do is like everyone else, try to eat healthy and keep my numbers in the ballpark. Just keep on doing what U are doing, and I'm sure things will be fine. An LDL of 143 is not all that bad. Mine last test are 142 and my HDL is only 62, so your better then me. ... (25 replies)
... Sorry I read the post to fast and thought TC was Triag levels. I was about to call my Doc and say are you trying to kill me. I googled and found this chart.Triglyceride Level Classification Less than 150 mg/dL Normal 150199 mg/dL Borderline-high 200499 mg/dL High 500 mg/dL or higher Very high Then went back and re read your posts and saw my mistake. ... (25 replies)
... hings they have done to lower their numbers, and U could read thru the posts to get a few ideas. With such a nice HDL and low Trigs., if U could get those TC and LDL numbers down, your dr. would have nothing to crab about. ... (25 replies)
... I just got back from the doctor with pen in hand. My HDL is 85 My LDL is 143 and my Tri is 77 . Total 243 He said he is happy with this being my hdl is 85 does everything else look good to all of you? ... (25 replies)
... I agree that now that you have been diagnosed with CAD, you need to keep your LDL low... ... (9 replies)
... I was diagnosed in June 2005 with CAD when I had a TC of 205 and LDL of 143. Been on the Lipitor program since then. ... (9 replies)
... and her trigs are 143 and hdl is 59. Of course, they have increased since she stopped eating properly. ... (23 replies)
... Not a bad report Lenin, I think alot of folks would be happy with your results, and hopefully next time will even be better...Good going!!! (42 replies)
... TC is 150, LDL is 90. Triglycerides 99. ... (42 replies)
Statin Studies
Aug 23, 2005
... Obesity and elevated blood lipids are two different things. Obesity is a product of the famous low fat low cholesterol diet they've been shoving down our throats for about as long as pushing statins on all of us. Go into a room full of people over 50 and guaranteed most are taking a statin drug....... or when they complained of side effects, are put on Zetia, etc. Many... (31 replies)
... My total cholesterol was consistently around 250 (LDL-176 HDL 52 TRI-108) tested September '04. I started taking flax seed oil last September and gave up smoking 6 months before that (March '04). When I was tested again in March '05 my total was 224 (LDL 145 HDL 50 TRI 143). My Tri's have always been around 100 so I don't know what happened that day. THe fact my LDLs came down... (5 replies)

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