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New results...
May 24, 2005
... Don't forget that LDL is not measured directly, the lab uses a formula. ... (15 replies)
New results...
May 24, 2005
... Well they aren't great by any means, but it is a little improvement. Dr. said to keep trying the Niacin, and will get retested in 3 months. Numbers from 2-05: TC........227 LDL.......143 HDL........37 I usually run in the mid 50's Trigs.....236 VLDL.......47 (15 replies)
Good Report
May 20, 2005
... I started taking Lipitor about five weeks ago after finding out that my LDL was 178 and my HDL was 43. I had my bloodwork done yesterday and found out today that my LDL was 103 and my HDL was 48. ... (1 replies)

... I continue the Low GI diet but between the two readings, I started taking fish oil before bedtime and I have lost another 10 pound. Lowering the LDL seems to be a good thing, but I hate that the HDL lowered also. ... (7 replies)
... LDL 143 but my HDL slid down in the 30's and trigs up to about 183..NOT good. Can't remember the exact numbers, but that was the range. Hubby has always had low TC... ... (61 replies)
... I have always had borderline cholesterol but the doctors have never suggested I take a statin (yet). My history is as follows: Sometime prior to 1998 (don't have the date on this test) TC 243 HDL 49 LDL 170 Tri 118 1998 TC 207 (22 replies)
Mar 5, 2005
... at the heart disease probability decreases with it. I think the general public is getting the wrong kind of information when we oversimplify things and say that LDL is "bad cholesterol" and HDL is "good." We need both in order to function well, and they play critical roles. ... (15 replies)
Lovastatin ?
Jan 19, 2005
... HDL 57, LDL 143 Tri 144. At this age he refuses to deny himself food that he wants. The Dr. put him on 10 mgs. ... (0 replies)
... I smell a pissing contest :D ....did you mean better than mine? hehehe>>>>>>TC 143..HDL 74...LDL 54...TRIGS 74. (38 replies)
... That would be an interesting study. The reason why Totals of 150 are "game over" is because in 90% of the cases, the resulting LDLs are better than 90 anyway ( Example:using Total 150 with *low* HDL of 40 and Trigs of 100= LDL 90). Im lovin my new found Total of 143 :D (38 replies)
... in LDL lowering... ... (3 replies)
Jun 5, 2004
... I can't see how either Zetia or fish oil would cause liver enzyme problems :confused: . How could they? Certainly fish oil couldn't be the culprit. The fish oil brought down your high TRIGS and the Zetia brought down the TC and LDL. I guess you could drop each separetly and test the enzymes to find out. (28 replies)
Jun 5, 2004
... I have been taking Zetia and Fish Oil for 3 months. I had lipid profile done in after 1 month and results were: BEFORE Zetia LDL: 143 HDL: 62 TC: 242 TRIG: 187 Ratio: 3.9 ... (28 replies)
... Actually your body produces more cholesterol than you could ever eat. Cutting the fats in the diet is good to help the liver but it really does not do much in the way of lowering it. What we have done is take inositol hexanicotinate start at 500 mg a day then increase to 1500 mg a day in 30 days in 500 mg steps and no more or you might run into problems that are not bad but... (7 replies)
... Before you get too concerned read the book "The Cholesterol Myths" by Dr. Ravenskov. (7 replies)
... I just got some blood work done at a health fair locally and I just got the test results back today. My cholesterol is 334 mg. My LDL is 274 mg. My chloride is low. Anion Gap? ... (7 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... I was able to take it for about 3 months, then I suffered the greatest pain and weakness in my knees - I thought my walking days were over. I stopped the Zetia and very slowly got better. I'm still not completely recovered after 5 months off. The warning labelling now includes joint pain and worse yet a deadly condition called cardio edema! Watch out. (5 replies)
Feb 7, 2004
... :bouncing: Really now. My endocrigolgist just gave me 30 day samples of this med to lower my cholesterol. I reluctantly tried it for a week. It caused me so much pain in my lower back I stopped taking it. Accoring to the government website: ( this pill does have side effects. (5 replies)
Feb 3, 2004
... body supposedly doesn't metabolize cholesterol so at 28 now my total cholesterol was 336 after taking zetia for 3 days my triglicerides stayed about the same but ldl went from 200 to 143. ... (5 replies)
Need some help
Oct 23, 2003
... Hi, I am new to this board and need some help. I am so confused and upset. In July these were my numbers TC 224 TRI 180 HDL 44 LDL 144 Blood Sugar 87 Potassium 4.3 Hemoglobin 13.2 I have no idea what the last three mean really. Anyway, I was told to go on a strict low cholesterol diet and put on Xenical. I was told that in addition to some weight loss, this medication... (5 replies)

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