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... a new doctor as I have moved and she freaked about these results wanting to put me on meds. I flat out refuse. After doing my own research I believe having high cholesterol but good ratios is not a dangerous thing. ... (2 replies)
... however, my cholesterol numbers cause doctors coast to coast to question how I am alive. ... (11 replies)
... Oh, but of course I've eaten lutefisk! That was traditional Christmas eve dinner every year while I was still living at home. (Prepared by my French Canadian mother for my Norwegian father.) Actually, I didn't mind it at all, and I rather miss it the way she prepared it. I tried fixing it once myself, but it was gross! My mother is long gone and so are my Norsk aunts who... (9 replies)

... st said last week "sure, go ahead and take it!" when I suggested it as an alternative to Lipitor. In a previous post I mentioned my total chol. is at the moment 247 and LDL is 141, but HDL is 93 and Trigs only 66. ... (9 replies)
... Virtual drinks are on me in celebration! (Maybe we had better make it V-8 juice with no salt added, however.) I just got back the results of my blood test. Results from this week are in black, those from 9/30/2003 are in blue, and my highest recorded is in red. Total cholesterol 190 (247) (275) LDL 101 (158) (159) HDL 72 (62) (83) Trigs 87 (133) (214) I've been on... (9 replies)
... No the formula is wrong the correct one is Total cholesterol minus HDL minus the (Triglycerides divided by 5) So here is an example Chol.=174 Trig= 296 HDL= 54 LDL=60.8 174 - 54=120 296. divided by 5=59.2 120 -59.2 60.8 (6 replies)
... The figures for my mum doesn't seem to fit in the formula which zip or the web told me (i.e. HDL+LDL+Triy/5): HDL 63 LDL 150 Triy 77 TC 247 There comes my question. Anyway thanks for the feedback. I agree it's no good asking things that are already plenty there on the web. (6 replies)
... If you mean that your mother had two different blood tests done at two different labs and they came up with two different TC numbers, this is not surprising. They are likely using the same testing protocol, but these numbers are not absolutes like your height. In other words, you could have the very same lab take a sample, five minutes later take another sample. Then send... (6 replies)
... Do you know what is the standard way of calculating total cholesterol level? ... (6 replies)
... I was diagnosed with high cholesterol a little over a month ago. I'm 36 years old 5' 11" 150 lbs.Total was 247,hdl 41,ldl 201, tri 71.I was told that I needed statins.My Dr. ... (15 replies)
... I'm having a blood test in February and hopefully will have improved results. I just discovered the Policosanol Cholesterol Complex and have been taking it for two weeks. Prior, I was taking 10mg of Policosanol. I've been reading countless positive reports on Policosanol. ... (8 replies)
... the time I didn't think I had other options. Or at least the Dr. didn't think so.Maybe time to start thinking about another Dr. who can see past green.This whole cholesterol issue was totally Greek to me, I didn't understand. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, my dad has had high cholesterol for some time now. ... (1 replies)
... and I'm at a healthy weight. Cholesterol issues run in my family. I had to start taking testosterone because mine is VERY low leaving me very tired. My cholesterol went from 215 to 247. ... (3 replies)
... Anyway, in Dec. 2010, my cholesterol came back at 247!! My thyroid levels were within normal range, nothing else showed up High or Low. ... (4 replies)
... I got my Trigs down to 205 but my cholesterol went up to 247 and I lost 14 pounds and did the Niacin what's next for me ? continue or add something ? I want to avoid the statins as long as possible. (7 replies)
... uch for getting back to me. I just learned of COQ10, unfortunately. I've been taking it for a few days now. I stopped my statin today. I don't remember all of my cholesterol numbers, though my main one was 247, I think. The statin dropped it way down, so I was happy. But this burning is awful, so I need to change something. ... (4 replies)
... Same thing happened to me, except my trigly. only went down 4 pts. I stopped taking the Lovaza and have noticed my numbers came down somewhat. Am now taking Crestor. Have also taken Tricor and zocor with bad effects. (2 replies)
... after 4 mos on Lovaza, my trig. went down from 247 to 160 However, my LDL went UP from 88 to 146 Total cholesterol went UP from 181 to 230 What gives? :confused: (2 replies)
Sep 2, 2008
... and kidney problems and had pain in my mid section when I took Zocor once before, but the Dr. said it wasn't from the Zocor. My Tri are 247, ldl 160, hdl 47 and cholesterol 256. Any suggestions or opinions on Lovaza or Zocor? ... (5 replies)

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