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How high was the B/P? 189/115 when I went to the E/R for "heart burn", 200/120 when they pulled me off the stress test. I still think it was just a lot of hooey about nothing! A little short of breath, a little chest what...everybody gets that now and again. My BP is now down to about 120/75ish the past few days. Still spikes now and again during physical/emotional stress but is good otherwise. I think that whatever it was that caused it to go high to begin with has cleared up since they pumped me full of blood thinners and drano. I also must of had a touch of the flu since I had been running a temp. and was nauseated. Angiogram showed only 40% which is pretty much insignificant. The heart "episode" that I had was not that bad and I actually thought it was an esophogial spasm. I am only 42 and even though we have family history of heart problems I think the doctors have over-reacted in my case since once they gave me the blood thinners I felt fine and have felt great except for a bit of angina now and again and the side effects from the drugs. On the days that I have to do the fasting for blood work and don't take my medication until I get home from work I feel the best.

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