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Please consider using niacin to control your cholesterol. It's common to have higher LDL as you get older. Statins are nasty. They cause muscle pain and more and are really not good for you - period. Do some research on this before you take the plunge so you won't regret it. I have high LDL also and found out that it increases during menopause. Exercise is good for it too, which you are already doing. Cholesterol is also good for the brain and neurons. Investigate red yeast rice also. It is a statin but it is all natural. This can also cause muscle problems but at least it's all natural. Increase your omega 3 fats and take fish oil to help out. Increasing fiber can help also.
The doctors are only trying to accomodate the pharmaceutical companies, not you. Do some research and don't let them control you. YOU control YOU.
Good luck
Look, lets be honest. Nobody knows if you need statins or not. Also, most of the bad cholesterol is manufactured by your liver, not what you eat. Enjoy your butter. It virtually goes right through you. Cholesterol build up matters if you have small arteries. If you have large arteries, a bad build up won't even block them. So take your chances, with or without statins. My LDL was over 300. I tried 10 mg of Lipitor and after a few months my muscles totally locked up and my legs were numb. My mind was usually blank during that era. I figured out it was the statin and recovered in a couple of months although Im not sure about my mind. I think it used to be better. I avoided statins for five years. My new doctor pointed out there are synthetic and nonsynthetic statins, and was going to try a non since Lipitor is a synthetic. Instead we tried the weakest synthetic, Lescol, and the 80 mg "XL" has been working fine with no pain for three years. LDL about 87 recently, from about 325. Others I have spoken to have switched to Lipitor since their first choice bothered them. So do you try it or not? Statins seem to have other health benefits if they dont kill you, so I don't mind being on them now. I think your numbers are fine without them, but I'm not a doctor. I also don't know how narrow your arteries are. Do you? Feel lucky?
I am with you...You can lower it yourself with some changes in diet. Statins are fine however very few people can take them because of the awful side effects. I think some doctors just order it just because it is there but the statins are truly a very harsh medicine and your numbers just aren't all that bad.
The only physicians recommending statins (Lipitor et al) are the ones that have been bribed by the pharmaceutical industry in the form of freebies, meals, etc. The rest of us docs are not so moved. I've discussed these drugs with so many doctors!......and most of them who have given careful thought to statins give them a thumbs down.
Studies' exaggerations and manipulations are well-documented as are the 'professors' who se names appear on them. Read these two references before you start taking statins for a mild elevation of a single lab test: Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?-BusinessWeek January 17, 2008. Drug Companies & Doctors: A story of Corruption---in the New York Times Book Review Jan 15, 2009

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