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I wouldnt stop drinking alcohol , i think that will be a death sentence - infact people who drink generally have lower risk for heart disease and i dont mean from the stress reduction but the acohol its self is a fat solvent and generally acoholics have less plaque then the general population..not to say combined with bad eating habits and over weight and other bad lifesyle isnt a problme.. but i think ur asking for more problem if u stop maybe just cut back to 10 or less drinks per week.. also combining fish-oil with drinking will thin your blood - both have a thinning affect. so be careful if u have stomach ulcers as u could bleed out spontaneaously.. --- as for the triglyc level i would have it done fasting and non fastning before u panic.. and no i dont think numbers for a one time reading are horible and neigher is ur hdl.. i would say get anotehr test done - and do both fasting and non fasting.. some people jump when nonfasting and otehrs when fasting.. so take the lower of the two - to be more close.. your body does a wonderful job of manufacturing cholestoral when its not eating.. so ... again take your lowest..triglycerides will elevate in relation to your body manufacturing cholestorol
you are really touching one the topics that i am passionate about - because i think its one of the most misunderstood and comprehended things in the medical profession..

reactive response!// for example - if bang your knee and it swells up.. is swelling normal?? no.../ ofcourse not -- your body was not meant to be swelled up.. but duing injury there is a purpose for it and infact it is necessary.... there is a very fine line between your body compensating for something it needs and having too much of somthing..

again - your body will try to manufacture things it needs when it is driven too low from external forces. and infact sometimes things are hight only in reponse to necessity.. this is again why i said to get both fasting and non fasting results.. most doctors wont tell you this and dont know tihs - because this can give you a better picture to what your body is doing..... i didnt intend for you to go do binge drinking.. as this would call in inapprpriate response from the body.. the same as stopping abruptly - that is why i cautioned you to stopping abruptly.. i think everything in moderation.. just like everthing too much is not good and too little is not good - your body has a balance.. so , as i suggest i think people that have been found to have the best cardio vascular health are those that consume moderate alcholol - like i suggested 5- 10 drinks per week.. i dont see this as being a detriment in cardiovasucar health.. i think u are over compesation mode now that u have seen some numbers.. - dont start pounding the medicines yet.. they all have negatives. and side-effects.. u really need to way that out before u go there.. i would first try.. to get more tests.. as i suggested.. next if things are still way high.. by no means start a rigorous exercse - that can kill you! AGAIN your body is constantly trying to balance it self - and too much exercise is bad because it causes your body to all sorts of tihgns again.. moderate exercise is healthy,. again -- its part of homeostasis.. u need to build up slowly... change ur eating and lifstyle habits.. again dont just go green when trying to eat. u need to eat sugar and u need to eat fat.. infact your body needs this or it will tttry to manufacture it - again this brings full circle to where we started.. eat some damn sugar. and some damn fat.. but eat enough grains ,fiber, fruits and vegies... and some damn alcohol too.. and get some exercise .. not too much .. your body will balance it self.. u could nt survive if u just ate apples.. but if u apples grains., beans, meat , fat, protiens, diary.. u hedge your self like a good stock investor.. and ur body with enough of diversity.. will dump the non performers.

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