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Vytorin and Tricor
Jun 13, 2005
... and I got very serious muscle pains, weakness and exercise intolerance. ... (5 replies)
... Have you tried other methods of lowering the high triglycerides, such as cutting back on sugar, simple carbohydrate, and alcohol consumption, increasing fatty fish or fish oil consumption, and/or losing excess body fat? (4 replies)
... I judge a triglyceride level of 365 in the presence of an HDL of 35 to be QUITE severe and an agent that attacks triglycerides directly seems to be very important. ... (8 replies)

... Mousely, I too am taking Tricor and cannot wait to get off the stuff. ... (11 replies)
... fish oil, garlic, policosanol, psyllium fiber, and chromium pic. ... (11 replies)
... The Tricor does bring down the Tri's but for a while I was drinking with it so they never quite made it under 150. ... (11 replies)
... How is the TRICOR treating you? ... (11 replies)
... From what I understand, high Trigs and low HDL seem to go hand in hand, as my husband has the same problem. He is not a drinker, but has type 2 diabetes. Sugar is DEFINITELY a culprit in high Trigs. ... (11 replies)
... Okay, I have recently had some bloodwork done and my Triglycerides were in the high 300's, LDL was normal, Total Choles. was 215, and the HDl was considered to be low. ... (11 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 28, 2004
... YEAH..but your LIVER would rather you took those shots over the course of a day :D . Ever hear of a HIGH BLOOD CONCENTRATION of alcohol>>>it can KILL YOU. As far as insulin released....ever hear of HYPOGLYCEMIA..YEP, LOW BLOOD SUGAR ;) . That's what you can have with a big DUMP of insulin...rather than a more even release. (24 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 28, 2004
... You may not feel it but the insulin is still released, albeit slowly. This is perhaps a bad example but you could drink 8 shots of vodka now or have them over the couse of the day. You're still getting the same amont of alcohol. It's cocktail hour I'm going to get a vodka. Alan (24 replies)
... My plan now is continue to eat healthy avoiding sugar, bad carbs, bad fats, alcohol, and soda. Lifting weight 3 times a week and walking at least 3 times a week and finishing my first bottle of tricor. ... (18 replies)
... sugar, and alcohol and your triglycerides will go down. ... (12 replies)
... If you drink alcohol... this can send your TG's through the roof. Also, sweets and carbs can as well. ... (2 replies)
... Kim, Have another test with NOTHING after dinner and no alcohol the whole day before. No sense medicating numbers that might not be valid. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah my thyroid is messed up too. I'm hypo. In my mind I think she should have just given me the thyroid medicine and see if it brings my cholesterol down on it's own. ... (7 replies)
... Give it a month and have your blood lipids checked. ... (7 replies)
... trigs. Mine went from 1400 down to 210 when I reduced my alcohol intake. ... (7 replies)
... Every so often the docs will check my triglycerides and they are way over 1000!! I do have a family history of hypertriglyceridemia, but my Dad didn't get this problem until he was over 50!, I am female and only 26! ... (9 replies)
... For people with high triglycerides, alcohol seems to be the big factor. ... (9 replies)

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