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... and as someone who was today told my doc to start 500mg Niacin slow release, I'd like to know the answers to this as well. ... (7 replies)
... I've been contemplating starting Niacin for my cholesterol. ... (7 replies)
Niacin or statin
Nov 19, 2007
... that, so does supplementing with Omega 3 fish oil. Try and stay away from high sugar foods, carbs and alcohol. There is a possibility you could add a low dose of Niacin to bring your triglycerides more. ... (3 replies)

... and alcohol all can put a strain on your liver, so I don't think it is wise to take them on your own without some medical oversight. ... (11 replies)
... I read an article said it is not safe to drink alcohol and RYR at the same time, that worry me a little. ... (11 replies)
... D Alcohol does not interact with either supplement other than to increase HDL! Have a drink and relax. ... (11 replies)
... To my understanding it is extremely unsafe to drink any form of Alcohol while taking Niacin and or RYR. I currently take Niacin and my Doctor advised me that I am not allowed by any circumstances to drink while taking it. ... (11 replies)
... Leinn, you are right about degree and making a risk-based decision. I take Lipitor at a low dose (10mg), plain Niacin (again, low dose 100 mg), and Zetia (10 mg). I drink 14-18 beers/week with dinner. My latest liver panel was AST 35 and ALT 40; lipid screen was LDL 46 with HDL 67 and Trig at 26. I was diagnosed using a cardio cath as having moderate-to-severe blockage... (9 replies)
... You must balance benefit against risk. So maybe somebody might not want to add zetia to a statin or zetia to a statin plus niacin AND alcohol while working in a chemical plant and popping Tylenols. ... (9 replies)
... I drank ALCOHOL FREE beer and never wished it was the genuine stuff. ... (9 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 9, 2006
... A lot of things cause the variation. What you ate before. Alcohol intake, stress, exercise, etc. ... (21 replies)
... hould try following the Pauling Therapy, and begin using the lysine, proline, and vitamin C at the recommended dosages. Of course, you should continue taking the niacin as well. By the way, what brand of niacin are you taking? ... (42 replies)
... Not a bad report Lenin, I think alot of folks would be happy with your results, and hopefully next time will even be better...Good going!!! (42 replies)
... The niacin only got my HDL to 40 rather than the over 50 I can get with booze. ... (42 replies)
... NIASPAN is a prescription form of NIACIN which has been researched and shown great results with almost no liver toxicity. This Niacin blend is an Extended Release form. Apparently, it is much safer than the Slow Release form. ... (42 replies)
... Good luck!! I have seen the Slo Niacin at one of my local pharmacies. As U know, I tired the lousy 100 mgs. of no flush and couldn't handle it, iched like crazy. ... (42 replies)
... SLO NIACIN which is polygel controlled release niacin...500 mg. ... (42 replies)
... jcorn, It's perfectly fine. Next time have the THIRD glass:D! Crestor, niacin, ANY statin, alcohol, any solvents, too much fat, and MANY drugs are all hard on the liver because the liver is the site where all most foreign material is destroyed and eliminated... but it's a matter of degree. Someone who is drunk every day for a year taking a strong statin is different... (2 replies)
... I go back to the doc on 8/19. Liver was fine and has been always EXCEPT 22 years ago when I took a sulfa drug for a UTI and it elevated my liver enzymes big time. Went back to normal the following month. So because I have had a liver problem in connection with a prescription drug, that is why I am a little leary about this stuff. I don't even think I would drink at all... (3 replies)
... When I consume alcohol close to when I take niacin it will sometimes magnify the flush that I occasionally get, but has never effected my liver function. ... (3 replies)

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