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... Thanks for the confirmation I have stopped talking all medications/nutrients. Hopefully my liver will heal itself in 1 month. I will wait for my blood results next month before resuming RYR or any other nutrients. Looks like I may not need RYR, as my cholesterol ratios (even before taking RYR) was normal (<4.0 for TC/HDL, <3 for LDL/HDL, <3.5 for TG/HDL), though my total... (7 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 31, 2017
... now but may be altered depending on future lipid panels. If you include Flush Niacin in your routine it will also help with the LDL number while raising your HDL as well. ... (18 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 30, 2017
... can be purchased as 60x600mg tabs or 120x300mg. ... (18 replies)

Higher LDL number
Dec 30, 2017
... That is quite a disparity from Tess's suggestion of 1200MG and yours of 300MG. I just purchased the extended release and they come in 600MG tablets. I was thinking 1 tablet a day. Any reason you suggest only 300MG? (18 replies)
... Some doctors' hey? Your ratios are good and Statin therapy should not have been offered. Your Total Cholesterol of 168 is DESIRABLE Your LDL of 113 is NEAR OPTIMAL Your HDL of 40 is HIGH RISK Your Triglyceride level of 79 is NORMAL The figures above and more important, the ratios below do not support the Doc's statement of a cardiac risk even for ten years in... (2 replies)
... I realized that I was taking some ayurvedic supplements along with RYR. Wondering if these would have contributed to my high liver enzymes. I checked on the internet for all hep-a.hep-b and hep-c symptoms and I don't have any of these. Also since my Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphate and LDH are normal, can I assume my liver is functioning ok? (7 replies)
... I am concerned about my high liver enzymes as they have always been normal. I will check with my doctor after a month if my liver test readings get back to normal. ... (7 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 27, 2017
... The extended version comes as 120 tabs at 300mg each. ... (18 replies)
... Large bouyant LDL even if figure is elevated presents no problems in the arteries as the HDL 'mops' them up and returns them to the Liver with ease. ... (2 replies)
Lowering LDL a bit
Dec 27, 2017
... May work for you as everyone is different. ... (1 replies)
... What have you been taking for such a drop in your HDL? One adverse post on RYR (Natures Plus) against many on here with positives should not deter you. I have answered gop's post on elevated liver enzymes. Have a gander. Yack. (6 replies)
... Hi gop. I have been studying RYR for many years and contributed my knowledge to this board on the subject for several years. Anything is possible with any type of drug/natural product that acts on certain organs of the body, suspected in your case, the liver. As your liver enzymes were initially normal, except for the reported 'fatty liver', let's have a look at the... (7 replies)
... 2nd set of numbers is better. However even this is not good enough, TC/HDK is over 4.4, Ideally it must be 3.5. Don't ever take Red Yeast Rice from Nature's plus. I took this 3 months back. Though my cholesterol numbers are much better, it messed up my liver enzymes - way too high. I have stopped Red Yeast Rice for now. (6 replies)
... I am very worried now. I have decided to stop taking Red Yeast Rice as I think that may have caused the numbers to go high. ... (7 replies)
... The label states 1 as serving size. ... (6 replies)
... No doctor I have had has ever suggested I take any drug for my cholesterol and my health situation is the same now as it was 3 years ago. I am a 65 year old male retired for 4 years now. ... (2 replies)
... My friend will miss 12 of her evening doses by the time she sees her doctor this week. She wants to avoid discussing it with her doctor this soon as she wants to find better natural remedies to replace it with before she has that discussion. ... (2 replies)
Lowering LDL a bit
Nov 30, 2017
... I recently had my annual physical and everything looked good but my LDL cholesterol, which wasn't all that bad I guess. I wanted to ask as the person did below me a few posts about trying policosanol this time instead of RYR and CoQ10. ... (1 replies)
... used as one component of a physician's clinical assessment. ... (2 replies)
... I used to take fish oil, red yeast rice supplement thinking that would help. It turned out that it is not the case, the trig. may be lower, but didn't really help the total. So, I stopped taking fish oil for supplement. I take Milk Thistle and Turmeric instead. Cholesterol is generated by your liver and I heard that Milk thistle is good for liver health. And... (4 replies)

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