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... week I had my physical, AIC 6.7, but Cholesterol too high, especially Tri at 410. So I am refining my Low Carb Diet, I was eating too many eggs, so those are out as well as Red Meat. I walk 2.5 miles a day but may go back to 3 miles and I now doing Tai Chi classes and I think they are really helping. ... (2 replies)
... Well I guess I answered my own question. I will go ahead and post since I hope it may help someone else searching later on. As I suspected, getting my Diabetes under control would be key. My number have been the best I've ever seen. As a result of that combined with serious diet and exercise I am now: < than 1 month from the other readings … Cholesterol went from 524... (2 replies)
... Hey gang, brand new as you can tell. ... (2 replies)

... It was 36 2 years ago as well. Could the RYR have affected my HDL? ... (1 replies)
... moderate hypertension. He takes a daily Cilnidipine as advised by his cardiologist. His blood pressure has been controlled so far. ... (5 replies)
... My research included many searches on the web, as everyone here is capable of doing.... ... (18 replies)
... As for Dr. Onish, one or the local citiy hospitals use the Ornish program. Ornish's program has also changed just as the Atikins has changed from when it was first published. Dr. Onish has 2 diferent diets. ... (18 replies)
... but cut those out, as well as reduced eating meat to once a day, and increased my workouts from twice to three times a week. ... (9 replies)
... In the latest research study which compares Red Yeast Rice to Pravachol, data showed that red yeast rice was as well tolerated as pravastatin and achieved clinically significant levels of LDL-cholesterol reduction in a population with previous statin intolerance. The authors said that if red yeast rice was properly regulated to control for potential contaminants and regulate... (10 replies)
... why is non flush niacin not as effective as immediate release niacin (0 replies)
... flush niacin works as well as flush niacin? ... (1 replies)
... My last two fasting blood tests have yielded normal HDL and TRIGs, but high LDL. The high LDL is skewing the TC as high and above 200. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have been wondering if cholesterol levels tend to go up as we get older? ... (1 replies)
... o it is a valid product which has been studied . It has not been around that long so I think that is why we havn't seen top much exposure yet . If the claims are as good as they read we'll probably hear more in the future , i guess only time will tell maybe it won't work at all I don't know . ... (9 replies)
... I had previously received feedback that the mentioned product works quite well, so named it as an alternative to Nature's Plus, which I have thoroughly checked out the manufacturing process of, prior to letting my wife take it. ... (10 replies)
... Here is a list of safe and fully tested RYR products on sale in the USA, as documented by an independent USA laboratory, Consumer Lab. ... (10 replies)
... extended release niacin, such as Niaspan, yes that will help and usually has minimal flushing. ... (1 replies)
... I'd cut the saturated fat from the diet as much as posssible. Seek out a few of the biggest fatty offenders and work on them. Dairy is often a good starting place. ... (3 replies)
... In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes. Fats including saturated fats provide essential nutrients for all metabolic processes. I drastically lowered my lipid levels with weight loss, aerobic exercise and a high fat diet including whole eggs and other animal based fats as well as olive oil and a low-carb diet. Do a search on Google for the following articles. They... (3 replies)
... I remember reading in one of Dr. Atkins' books about a study involving fish oil, which showed a group cholesterol level dropping from 370 to 204. But the daily dose was 60 grams. Yes, that's 60 large fish oil capsules. So I guess it's possible to have as low a cholesterol as you want; it's only a matter of how much fish oil you're willing to burp. :eek: Anyway, right now... (14 replies)

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