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... What brand of RYR do you plan to take? ... (1 replies)
... what time to take red yeast rice (1 replies)
... We get lots of Omega 6, but not enough Omega 3. The ratio of Omega 3 and 6 should be one to one, but with most diets, we get 30 to 1..... way out of whack. ... (18 replies)

... I feel your pain completely. My numbers used to very high and it was a tough time till I found the right combo to lower my numbers. ... (34 replies)
... BTW, Red Yeast Rice IS a statin, lovastatin to be precise. That's why it works for some people. ... (23 replies)
... I agree with you fully and fully understand why you do not want to take a statin. My Doctor is a firm believer on treating things naturally. He put me on Red yeast Rice three years ago and it helped my numbers significantly. I would highly recommend you taking it. I would recommend taking 1,200mg twice a day. ... (23 replies)
... Sorry to hear that your numbers were not as good as you hoped. I too feel your pain. Last year my HDL was at 55 which is very good. ... (34 replies)
Red yeast rice
Oct 12, 2005
... Martin, I know just how you feel and I have decided that I am willing to do some things to help keep my cholesterol in check but not to the point to which my life is consumed with it all. I have read so much and most of what I read contradicts itself and soon I don't know what to believe. ... (9 replies)
... when is the best time of the day to take this and should it be taken with meals (0 replies)
... ple of things about certain high fiber mixes. At the moment I am just taking the garlic, one 1200 pill after supper. I was taking the fish oil, but my LDL seemed to go up alot, so the dr. took me off it, as he said on occasions it can up the LDL. Of course with my ridiculous system, if anything can go wrong, it will. ... (17 replies)
... niacin for now. I went to the Pharmacist who told me the Zocor is one of the best statins he also said I could take the red yeast rice with it. I asked him about the Niaspan and he agreed it would help but of course no gurantees. So now I am stuck with taking a statin I did not want to take. ... (34 replies)
Red Yeast Rice
Apr 11, 2005
... I have been on RRY for over 4 years. Have had very good results and no side effects. My TC went from 250 plus to an average of 205 and the HDL went form 28 to 40. ... (33 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 26, 2001
... brought it down from 275 to 130 ON 4MG!!!!!! ... (33 replies)
... I'd want to see what six months or more of getting back into a regular exercise routine will do to them. ... (31 replies)
... My family doctor has recommended I try a statin to lower my numbers but when you read my numbers below you might think otherwise. ... (31 replies)
... I have been very intrigued about red yeast rice formulations for a couple of months and have spent a lot of time looking into them as an alternative to prescription drugs. However, the more that I read, the more that I realize that there are some inherant problems with these formulations. ... (3 replies)
Niaspan ?
Sep 14, 2007
... I agree with ventureman and think that Niaspan may be a good option if you do not want to take a statin. ... (13 replies)
... If you're going to order niacin from Puritan's Pride, you'll notice that there are three different kinds to choose from. ... (12 replies)
... Red Yeast Rice twice daily for over three years for my lipid management. My previous numbers were great on the Red Yeast Rice but six months ago during my annual check up my numbers were as fallows. ... (17 replies)
HDL 25
Jul 16, 2003
... effects with red yeast rice, although probably not as likely, since statin drugs are concentrated down and are much more potent. But I would hold off on red yeast rice for the time being. Try to take matters a little at a time. ... (6 replies)

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