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... Has anyone heard of the new Centrum cardio vitamin to lower cholesterol? ... (1 replies)
... Yes, I recently saw the TV advertising for this product. The only difference I can see from their regular Centrum multi-vitamin is that they added 400 mg of phytosterols, a natural ingredient mainly derived from soybeans. This may help some people but probably not everyone. If you already are taking a good, quality multi-vitamin that you like, then you could probably add... (1 replies)
Vitamin E and CHD
Mar 26, 2010
... which is Synthetic Vitamin E. The results of the Synthetic Vitamin E have not been as good as the Natural E. Vitamin C is another potent antioxidant, which greatly improves heart function and fights off many systemic infections and diseases. ... (2 replies)

Centrum Cardio
Jul 11, 2008
... Centrum Cardio has plant sterols, which may lower LDL (approx. 10% or so). However, there is no proof that plant sterols actually lower one's risk of heart disease that I am aware of. Plant sterols are similar to cholesterol in structure, and have been found in artery plaque, the same as cholesterol. If you have elevated cholesterol + risk factors, I think better... (9 replies)
... readings, and it might be a good idea to take it back and get a cuff type. This is not the way you want to spend your weekend. I know when hubby took ours to the cardio guy, they just couldn't position it properly on him and he was getting ridiculous readings, some way too high and some way too low. ... (30 replies)
... JJ, I went to a me doc near my work for the first time and she on her own did that test nothing really prompted her..but she scared the pants off of my also when she saw my CRP. I like my other doc better he would always be I'm sending you for tests just to be safe and nothing to worry about..There is a side of me that never wants to go back to the docs ever again..Lisa (29 replies)
... I know last dr. I had was a panic type, and when some blood work came back about my potassium level being low, he freaked and sent me to a cardio guy, which of course scared the pants off of me. After having an Echo done, the dr. ... (29 replies)
... Yes, that is why we like his cardio guy and the group so much, they tell it honest and don't try to shove things on you just to make a buck. I had a dr. ... (5 replies)
... U could be right, I really don't know. Next time hubby goes to the cardio man I am going to ask. We were taking the gel caps, like U said, the synthetic type. ... (5 replies)
... Have to apologize for saying I took the 400 IU of E. We use to take it and then a lil over a year ago the cardio guy told us not to, as it wasn't all it was cracked up to be... ... (5 replies)
... times per week, cardio for 30 minutes and weight bearing work. ... (9 replies)
... protein hit, but then I get that heavy feeling. And I miss the fullness of what I describe is a like a vitamin 'rush' in the healthier meal. It's like vitamins and nutrients are flooding the cells. I miss that when I now eat a standard meat meal. ... (5 replies)
... As for my resting BP, I have no idea. They did check my heart rate, pulse, liver function, thyroid, testosterone levels, kidneys function, vitamin d, and vitamin b12 levels, and they said everything was good. ... (5 replies)
... Age 55, height 6'0", weight 165, active physically with weight training, golf, and disc golf, I don't do a lot of strict cardio but my weight workouts are pretty brisk and my heart rate does get elevated. ... (4 replies)
... is very similar in regard to vitamin supplements. He feels I'm wasting my money. In regard to Magnesium and Calcium, he believes they are only useful if you have a deficency, which I don't. ... (16 replies)
... Do you think I will be fine continuing my exercise and diet routine while adding some omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin D3, Red wine and some more saturated fat into my diet for my HDL to go higher... ... (2 replies)
... As far as the fish oil, it just might be good for you, like I said, I am soooo sensative to things, if anything can go will. Don't bother with vitamin E, hubby's cardio guy told him it is worthless, even though he had him take it years ago. ... (22 replies)
... rate, aside from also being a gentlemen. He has a great bed side manner and is often consulted by other top doctors in the New York area. A disagreement about my vitamin regimen is not enough to consider another doctor. Let's be honest, many doctors are quacks, including some alternative doctors. ... (10 replies)
I am amazed now!
May 28, 2009
... numbers have improved as well, but he seems to have not been able to get rid of many of the pains, probably cause he was on statins for almost 5 years. Even his Cardio guy said neither of us should be on them, as we are the type that just don't agree with them, so some Drs. are waking up! ... (5 replies)
... scan also stress the importance of Vitamin D testing. ... (7 replies)

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