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... vdo, Don't think that just because RYR is a 'natural' statin that it is safer to take than Lipitor. RYR has almost no quality controls - it probably is made in China, and you know how well they test ingredients over there. (Some will say this is racist, but facts are facts, the contamination of Chinese products is epidemic and well documented). I would try the Lipitor... (6 replies)
... The levels are way higher than the CardioChek and even higher than before, and this is roughly 3 months of RYR. ... (6 replies)
... I use the single test CardioChek unit and it does a great job. I tested my wife's TC last week at 174 and two hours later she was 169 at the Dr's office. ... (10 replies)

... A. The CardioChek monitor we have is defective. ... (10 replies)
... the CardioChek data is wacko. Even the simple glucose test is so wrong. ... (10 replies)
... Yeahhh!! Got my results back from the lab to compare with my cardiocheck. Absolutely remarkable to say the least as the results are very very close to the cardiocheck falling within the margin of error.: Cardiochek: Cholesterol--121 HDL--48 Triglicerides--72 Calculated LDL--59 (17 replies)
... Gardengal, Happy New Year to you and Fam ! As to your question, which is a good one. The front of the container says "No Trans Fats" on one side and "No Cholesterol" on the other...but yet on the ingrediants it says "Partially Hydrogenated Sobean Oil" and "Hydrogenated soybean Oil" as a couple of its yes...I really do not know whjat to think but... (17 replies)
... Before I had blood drawn I ran through some tests on my Cardiochek so I can compare the difference and all of you who wish to purchase one can see the results. Perhaps it can help you make a decision. ... (17 replies)
... Hello all, I just did a comparison check on my better half here just before she went in to have lab work done. The results are truly close with one exception (due to a bad test on HDL and my lack of test strips to retry). Nonetheless it is still very impressive. I will have mine back this week (if I can get from docs office, gotta call them or wait until Sept.) O.k.... (0 replies)
... With the exception of TG, the CardioChek looks pretty accurate. ... (0 replies)
... I bought a cardiochek meter last night and it read my total cholesterol as 150 which makes me feel a lot better. I've been feeling like I could die any day since that damn test. ... (5 replies)
... Went vegan last December. Had cholesterol checked in Jan and total cholesterol was 219. Bought a CardioChek Tester and checked my cholesterol about once every two weeks and I was happy. It was going down big time. End of April it was down to 145. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Bill, Instrument or user error was one of my thoughts also. Again, in ruling that out when is the best time to measure cholesterol? I did get my lab totals from three/four weeks ago and they were 213 total, 42 HDL, 152 LDL. However, they took the blood sample in the morning after I had fasted overnight. For the last three weeks I have been taking approximately... (3 replies)
... Help! And sorry this is soooo long! I've read so many posts and there seems to be a lot of experts here, so---:) Here is some background: Now (done at home with CardioChek monitor w/ 12-hour fast) TC = 330 HDL = 30 LD - 243 TG = 304 (1 replies)
... I wouldn't trust any home test system... or the finger-poke tests. They may be able to ballpark you... but they can't compete for accruacy against a professional blood test from a Lab. And RYR is a statin... and just because something is sold over the counter does not make it safe. You should be discussing remedies with your Doctor. (6 replies)
... Red Yeast Rice works great and I am surprised to see you have not had better results. Prior to this past August I took 1,200mg twice daily which is the maximum daily Red Yeast Rice dosage. My LDL used to be 150 it went down to 74. Red Yeast Rice works great and I had great results and no issues and no side effects at all while I was taking it. The reason I went off this... (6 replies)
... vdo Read my post here. Lord Taff (6 replies)
... yea he kept saying i need to be on a statin but i am only in my early 30s and dont want to be on a life long drug i am using the walgreen's ryr, any suggestions which brand might work, should i try a higher dosage? since ryr is a natural occuring statin, would the prescription statin not be effective as well? getting me kinda worried, thanks (6 replies)
... Ask your doctor for a lipoprotein test (VAP or NMR). Total cholesterol is an almost meaningless number, by the way. You want to get a real ldl number (not calculated) and particle sizes. If your LDLs are in the 200+ range, you should consider a statin, or at least a brand of red yeast rice that works. Diet changes might be needed too. (6 replies)
... Your LDL and Tirg are Great! You will need to increase your HDL. It should be above 40. It would be a good idea and have your Doctor test you lipids and see how your numbers are. With your HDL at 33 your Doctor may want to do something. (5 replies)

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