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... I wouldn't worry about it either. I take Lipitor (80mg) and Niaspan (500mg)slow release prescription niacin daily.... many doctors are prescribing this sort of combo because Niaspan/niacin helps lower bad cholesteral, while working to raise the good stuff. That said, you shouldn't just randomly put yourself on mega-doses of niacin. First off, some people are allergic to... (3 replies)
... You can research Red Yeast Rice. It cantains a natural statin that might help in lowering cholesterol. ... (4 replies)
... Congrats. on lowering your cholesterol that much!!! ... (4 replies)

... it is rather ironic about the estrogen. I hope they don't classify cholesteral lowering meds the same way and get rid of them. ... (17 replies)
... Yup, same here. And I exercise like crazy! Low HDL is my biggest problem. I can get my trigglycerides down by avoiding high-carb foods and lowering my LDL by eating less cholesterol-rich and saturated-rich foods; but my HDL is very difficult to control. If my current scheme doesn't work out, I'll probably go on Niaspan. (14 replies)
... From Dr Douglas Hoffman: "The chemical composition of saliva may change in response to hydration. (In other words, are you drinking enough liquids?) If you are chronically dehydrated, you may have saltier saliva. Take a close look at what you drink. Some folks drink only caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages. Caffeine is a diuretic -- it makes you urinate -- so a... (4 replies)
... My husband complains of a salty taste in his mouth since taking cholesteral lowering drugs - has anyone else had this? he was also recently diagnosed with diabetes but it is under control. (4 replies)
... Once you are on a cholesteral lowering drug you are usually on it for life I am sorry to say unless you can find another way. ... (48 replies)
... BlueBee, the best thing to do is a search and put on "policosanol" and it will tell you everything you need to know. It is supposed to produce cholesteral lowering effects within 6 to 8 weeks. It is a natural beeswax extract to promote benefits and lowering of cholesteral in liver. Supposed to be answer for fighting cholesteral levels and actually lowering them... (7 replies)
... and my good cholesteral is high. My doctor wants me to go on medication in a few months if it does not get lower. ... (14 replies)
High Cholesteral
Sep 22, 2001
... A previous post recommended grapefruit. Eating grapefruit in any form can be dangerous with certain cholesterol lowering medications. Your medication should either have a warning label on it about this or you will get descriptive literature with your prescription. ... (3 replies)
High Cholesteral
Sep 21, 2001
... Dr. prescribed Tricor and low fat,low carb.and low cholesteral diet its driving me crazy,and getting severe headaches.Anyone have any suggestions? ... (3 replies)
Simvastatin- pain
Feb 12, 2014
... I am thinking of lowering my cholestral naturally and was told to try Omega 3. Any thoughts? ... (1 replies)
... this. it has been a month now, i still have muscle and joint pain but it hasnt got any worse. i had hysterectomy 9 months ago. i was wondering if this is why my cholesteral has got so high? ... (8 replies)
... and am drinking quite a bit of green tea. So, with all of this change in lifestyle, I am hoping to accomplish my goal of lowering my triglycerides, and cholesteral without organ damaging drugs. If the vitamins don't work, well then, I will have to look at the other alternative of the drugs. ... (30 replies)
... I am surprised you weren't told to exercise. Diet and exercise can do wonders for lowering your cholesterol. ... (1 replies)
No-flush Niacin
Aug 14, 2006
... preposterously impossible results if applied to humans. It would mean a person with a cholesteral of 200 could expect quick lowering to a cholesterol of 50 with niacin or IHN. ... (11 replies)
... heart disease. The docs have said it is better to treat early then wait, which I see their point. And the only thing that has been effective in lowering my numbers have been the statins. So I am confused as to what my next steps are....the battle marches on... ... (25 replies)
... Your Trigs. need lowering also, but usually with exercise, which will help the HDL also and staying away from alot of carbs., sugar and processed foods, should bring those Trigs. down. ... (5 replies)
Pu-erh Tea
Oct 6, 2005
... As long as U like it and it has lowering affects, keep up with it till U see how your numbers are next time. ... (6 replies)

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