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... The Blood work that I just had in august I was just provided with my total cholesteral and LDL. ... (3 replies)
... I just had my cholesteral checked in august and here are my numbers. Total cholesteral is 195. Bad cholesteral 127. The doctor also said my vitiman D was low at 25.4. He advised me to start 1000 MG of fish oil and over the counter vitiman D1000IU. ... (3 replies)
... ore they seem to find that they help many things other than cholesteral. I have tried to control mine with diet which is still a better option IMHO but part of a cholesteral problems is inherited. Another thing that is over looked is thyroid. ... (8 replies)

... Most doctors want your LDL under 100 now or if you have any heart disease in the family some aim for 70. As for feeling better when you cholesteral is higher that would only relate to what you are eating. Maybe you just feel better eating certain high fat foods. ... (8 replies)
Sep 30, 2008
... You should post all of your cholesterol numbers on the High Cholesterol board. There are people there that can give you some advice. ... (1 replies)
... Good going Beck! husband gives blood on a regular basis as he is O negative. He has wondered why the have not started do a cholesterol check when one donates. Hopefully, they will start it here in the near future. Question- Did you get the HDL-LDL-Trig- numbers as well? (4 replies)
... I'm very new to this. I just got my blood results back from my Endocrinologist, I am hypothyroid. Anyway he didn't mention the high cholesteral results. I was wondering if anyone can help me with these numbers. I know nothing about this and I don't know how to read them. All I know is they are high. ... (4 replies)
... Just had my cholesteral test done last week. ... (1 replies)
Pills & Numbers
Dec 1, 2006
... I seem to have so many vitamins to take is there a single cholesteral (Vitamin or Herb) pill that i could take one or two a day? My numbers are; Total 4.87 (190) HDL .85 (33.15) LDL 3.11 (121.3) Tri 1.99 (177.1 My Doctor has started me on Crestor 5mg but im bound to go off. Just don't think i need that drastic of a measure. (9 replies)
... Gohomekid, It is confusing - there are no simple answers. For me personally, exercise had almost no effect on raising my HDL. I haven't had much luck to date with Niacin or the one-glass-or-red-wine-a-day regimen either. For some their genetic makeup makes it quite hard to raise HDL. Whether you should be concerned or not really depends on your detailed numbers... (14 replies)
... Exercise is an option, of course. Whether or not it will be enough alone depends upon the individual. You didn't give us any indication of what your numbers were, so it is hard to tell how much change is needed. It might be helpful to give us all the numbers, not just HDL. ... (14 replies)
... Your numbers are very similar to mine, TC..198 LDL..126..HDL...43...Tigs... ... (5 replies)
... Hello everyone. I had a physical a few weeks agao and was told I now need to have my chloesteral checked every year because of my numbers. She said they were inching up most likley due to age? I'm 40. So here they are and anyone who is expereinced in knowing what they mean oculd you please tell me. Thank-you Total cholesteral 198, tryglycerides 187, LDL 126, HDL 35 ... (5 replies)
Good News...
Oct 3, 2005
... I was going to say that that sounds like a genetic problem to me, but I am no expert. I do know from my own research that cholesterol can increase around about the age of 45 in men - it is older in women, around 55. If it is genetic, it can kick in at any age, I guess - but that is something I know very little about. With me, I was lucky - it was dietary, pure and simple. I... (19 replies)
Good News...
Oct 3, 2005
... ts of fruits and vegetables, no fried food, and haven't had Fast Food in years! I also run daily and do weight training. But have not had any luck in lowering my Cholesteral numbers. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks everyone!!! For some reason, I was thinking HDL was the "bad" cholesteral so this is why I worried. Let's see, as for my eating and exercise habits.... ... (12 replies)
... My doctor suggested I think about cholesteral meds. What do you think and what can I do to lower the HDL level? ... (12 replies)
... Cookie, that is what the Cardiologist told me. I had been dieting and was eating almost no meat, etc. lost 30 lbs and thought I would wow them with my cholesteral drop. Well, it went up a little. They told me weight loss had nothing to do with it and probably my body was just making its own whatever that means. ... (48 replies)
... Once you are on a cholesteral lowering drug you are usually on it for life I am sorry to say unless you can find another way. ... (48 replies)
... Hi Rickhard, Thank you for your reply, do you buy this flax seed in a health food store,or can you buy it from kmart or walgreens? Also, are you on any meds for your cholesteral? I am new to this I dont know how long I have to take this lipitor, I will call dr. monday, they give you meds. and dont really explain if you take it for a month or a year. I think maybe after some... (48 replies)

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