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... This is my case after a few blood test readings. I guess I thought the triglycerides would be high if the cholesterol was high. What could it mean with these readings. ... (1 replies)
... they repeated the test to be sure. Total cholesterol was 195 but not sure how they could get that reading without any ldl. Any ideas? ... (3 replies)
... And then I guess I can get retested to rule it in or out. As far as I been able to find out, pantoprazole has raised cholesterol in animal studies. ... (0 replies)

... Can you please suggest me what is the wrong with my health. Why Triglycerides are normal and cholesterol is high. Is it because of high BP? ... (0 replies)
... One My liver enzyme - ALT - was 82 in the previous blood work.. Triglycerides were high at 200.. That is the reason I stopped taking Crestor.. In this blood work ALT is back to 30 , Triglycerides at 140.. The good ALT is because of low TG or stoppage of Crestor? This is the only thing I am worried about restarting Crestor.. (3 replies)
... dl "abnormally low" in the context of drugs, or when found in someone who is not taking any drugs that affect cholesterol levels? ... (4 replies)
... How low should LDL cholesterol be lowered? ... (4 replies)
... My labs: 12/31/09 Trigs 138 (normal) Cholesterol 250 (High) HDL 23 (good cholesterol... should be above 40... way low). LDL 158 (High. Normal is 1-129.9). LDl/HDL Ratio 6.32 High (Normal is 0-3.5) Chol/HDL Radio 8.4 (High, Normal is 0-5). (32 replies)
... Seems like an extreme diet to me.....I'm pretty sure I could not follow a diet like that long term. That said, I really have no desire to see my cholesterol fall that low. From the books I have read recently, 110 is simply too low. ... (32 replies)
... Help...I don't want to go on these meds. My total cholesterol is 282. LDL is 192, HDL is 90, and tri's are 115. I am 54 and weigh 140. Any suggestions? ... (12 replies)
... Good day. I have been having some discomforting pain in my chest area recently. The pain appears to be near my heart, and between my heart and shoulder. I occasionally feel it 'travel' to my bicep area. Because of of this, I went to my doctor and had him perform some tests. One of those tests was a blood test, of course. Most everything came out normal, except these... (5 replies)
... The first thing I think of when I see your great HDL and Triglyceride levels, is that somehow, someway, the total Cholesterol number is wrong. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am so completely confused as to what to do, if someone has any advice it would be much appreciated. I am 31 years old, extremely physically active (I race bikes), no history of family heart problems or stroke, vegetarian, I am 510 and weigh about 135-140 but I seem to have persistent high cholesterol. My last numbers were: Cholesterol. 230 HDL 54... (8 replies)
... dl is acceptable. Your cholesterol is fine. ... (4 replies)
... particles. Pattern B LDL is now what most research is pointing to as being the cholesterol component that is most damaging. Most of this research is less than 5 years olds so in the medical world it is still considered somewhat experimental. ... (20 replies)
... Hi, I am a 47 y.o. female. I recently had blood work done to check my cholestrol. My bad cholesterol was 133, good was 43, Trig. 204. Dr. said my good should be 50 or higher, bad should be 100 or less, and trig. should be less then 150. ... (1 replies)
... fferent. I have lowered mine. I was told 2 months by doctor but asked for 3 instead. My TC dropped 53 points from 264 down to 211. My LDL dropped from 180 to 140 40 points. My other numbers are fine. I try to exercise 30 minutes a day. ... (40 replies)
... what magical cholesterol cure is my body going through? ... (1 replies)
... whether I plug in my current cholesterol numbers or my worst ones. ... (40 replies)
... My family and myself have no history of heart disease. I do hav ehigh blood pressure 140/80 and my total cholerterol is around 240-270 without meds. I'm in general good health and I exercise 4 times a week and try to keep my diet on the low fat side. I don't know about studys. AllI know is when I'm on satins for any length of time and my numbers go way down I have problems... (40 replies)

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