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... My hubby and I both take Vit. E but only a natural E. But really I am so confused, I do a lot of research and the more I study the reports the more I wonder who can you believe. Nutrition has always interested me and we try to eat right and take vitamins. ... (86 replies)
... I would suggest working with an integrative or preventative cardiologist and a dietitian. They can help you make diet and lifestyle changes for managing your cholesterol and will monitor your progress. ... (3 replies)
... statin rode as a great many people are put on these drugs when unnecessary. If you will read through the posts here you will see that this is often the case. I, and many others, have had high levels due to hereditary factors. ... (2 replies)

... not medicine prescribed by a doctor. The previous poster mentioned a product that is alternative. I used Red Yeast Rice and COQ10 to effectively reduce LDL. I used Flush Niacin to raise my HDL. I tale Krill oil for triglycerides. ... (7 replies)
... I had genetically high cholesterol and lots of heart disease in my family. When I was told to take Lipitor it was before I understood about ratios being more important than the TC. ... (3 replies)
... I was told by a registered dietitian that taking coq10 is bad. It is something the body produces naturally and when you start taking it your body stops producing it, therefore you are "addicted" to it and need to take the pill. ... (5 replies)
... I'm going to make sure we can get all the cholesterol details of her last test and from here on out. They seem reluctant to actually give this information up? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Justdavid and welcome to the board. ... (7 replies)
... it was fortunately only mild and caught very quickly. ... (7 replies)
... effects, they may do you some good. Everyone is different and our systems change in many ways as we age. What we can tolerate at age 30 may not work for us when we hit 40 and so on. ... (10 replies)
... might be interested in a publication by the American Heart Association, "Changes in Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle with Exercise and Statins" THis was the first investigation to implicate the UPP inskeletal muscle in response to combined exercise and statin Treatment. ... (9 replies)
... I deal with cholesterol issues and take CoQ10. My undersatnding is not that it lowers any cholesterol numbers, but that it replaces the CoQ10 our bodies lose when we are on a statin. Has to do with mitosis and production of energy in the cells. ... (6 replies)
... fish oil and CoQ10 and see how you feel in a few more months. ... (37 replies)
... You might want to investigate the mevalonate pathway. Cholesterol medications (statins) interupt the pathway way in the beginning. Other medications also do this such as imipramine. If you cut down the tree just to prune the branches you don't have much luck with tree. THis is the same with interupting the mevalonate pathway. Many important functions are stopped dead in... (4 replies)
... s the FDA is considering putting into place. The FDA is out of control. Statins are way over prescribed. There is a lot of new information now coming out that cholesterol is not the problem. Why don't we hear of it? ... (4 replies)
... The individual HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels are probably more important than the total. ... (15 replies)
... no. Seems that it will show up on an MRI if there is atrophy of the cerebellum. My mother's atrophy showed "consistent with age". Seems that the lowering of cholesterol and Coq10 are enough to damage the cerebellum, but not enough to show up on an MRI. ... (9 replies)
... The cerebellum depends on cholesterol and CoQ10... two substances that doctors and medical companies have ignored the lowering or lack of and the problems they can cause. ... (9 replies)
... No Imacar..."Their" idea of a safe zone and my idea of a safe zone are two different things. ... (10 replies)
... Your cholesterol actually isn't that high. And, IMHO, you have got to be careful that you don't shoot yourself in the foot here. ... (26 replies)

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