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... Is the cholesterol in sardines the good one? ... (1 replies)
... Eat all the sardines you can stand... ... (14 replies)
... Well, if you already have high cholesterol and eat a diet high in cholesterol then you will most likely increase your levels of blood cholesterol accordingly. Therefore, I don't recommend eating foods high in cholesterol. ... (14 replies)

... at or less I get it, if the saturated fat is less than one third or 1 quarter I make it a regular buy! and if there's fat but no saturated fat I keep it stocked in my house almost as a medication! ... (12 replies)
... it is implicated in high triglycerides. Try cutting back. Alcohol is also high in calories, so if you are trying to lose excess body fat, cutting back on alcohol is likely to help. ... (3 replies)
... He told me today that the last few nites his hands have quieted down alot, and he was able to get a decent nites sleep 3 nites in a row, sure hope that continues. Oh well, like anything we will just wait and see how things go, and definitely hope for the best. ... (14 replies)
... what would work for me might not for him. Also you may want to explore Fish Oils , Olive Oil and Garlic for his high Trigs.I understand your frustration while im in remission i'll never be cured until all these new medical technologies kick in. ... (14 replies)
... Hi again Harry. Hubby had his arteries cleaned in 94, then they shoved him on Lipitor for 7 yrs. ... (14 replies)
... HI JJ !! sorry that your husband is dealing with this tough disease , i had to go thru @#$% to restore my feet. Restoring nerves take a while but it can be done.You said your husband is type-2 ,well he can reverse it however you said his diet is good and yet he still has this. O.k. here's what i did and hope it gives you some guidance , i went on Atkin type diet to bring down... (14 replies)
... e to get more relief especially without meds., but so far the dr. said his is advanced and is spreading to his hands. He has the pins and needles, little feeling in the feet, and at night that rotten throbing. If U have any suggestions, please pass them on, I would love to hear how U did it. ... (14 replies)
... nths. It worked very well for me but my husband being a body builder lost alot of muscle on it. So he went back to his own program of fitness. I am pleased to be in the same category as Naxis..She is a very knowledgeble fitness guru and I love reading her advice.. ... (14 replies)
... HI Lisa .If anybody on this board has an better diet than you i'd be shocked, you eat fantastic , everything organic, maybe its a genetic component on your CL. I battled terrible full blow Neuropathy in my feet (no feeling,foot drop) do to god awful diet for yrs and yrs .(junk food,fast food,sugar ,sugar,and more sugar) My drs told me i needed Neurontin, Rituxan, etc..I... (14 replies)
... If that were true Harry I would not need any meds...My trigs and HDLs are phenomonal and always have been. Now if I can only figure out a way to get those dastardly LDLs down..I'd like to believe that the only thing that matters is my HDL and Trigs but all of the stuff I read says my LDLs put me at risk...Lisa (14 replies)
... I know im a broken record on this but forget total CL and focus on HDL and Triglycerides. Also reports of people with too low total CL having bleeding Strokes in their brains. harry! ... (14 replies)
... For 10 weeks I tried an almost vegetarian diet only eating about 4 oz of lean white meat or fish in the day and some days I was completley vegetarian. It did nothing for my cholesterol level. It went from 250 to 245. ... (14 replies)
... they can cause insulin intolerance and diabetes, which will definitely have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels. ... (6 replies)
... Fish oil is good, CoQ10 is good and looks good in clinical trials for several things. ... (86 replies)
... Here is another article on low cholesterol from Dr. ... (19 replies)
... A lot of people were concerned when I told them that on Atkins you eat fat so you can use it as fuel. They thought I would end up with high cholesterol and have a stroke or heart attack. ... (3 replies)
... also helps lose weight, which is an additional benefit. By losing 10 pounds of excess weight, according to Kokkinos, "That's where you see significant increases in your HDL cholesterol. ... (34 replies)

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