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... en having trouble with bloating and stomach and intestinal cramping,plus the pain and burning seem to be acting up in my back,chest and arms. The question I need help with is if it's the Zetia that's causing these problems and I can't take Lipitor,does anyone know if all the cholestral meds cause the same problems? ... (28 replies)
... The doctors told me no supplements will help me. I need cholestral meds,believe me,I would love to not take anything,but with my family history and CAD I really have no choices. Thanks for replying. ... (28 replies)
... Lenin, Thank you very much for the help. The Cardiologist says it is not Angina,but I do have to get my cholestral,especially the LDL down. My primary says it has to be the Lipitor,he says that there are many drugs on the market and the chemical makeup is different and probably won't cause the same side effects,but after reading the posts on this board,I'm not really sure... (28 replies)

... unbelievable,it's like no other pain I've ever had,even through several surgerys and three children. The one question I keep asking the doctors is do all of the cholestral meds cause the same pain,but the only answer I get is because of the CAD I really don't have a choice but to take something.It's really a vicious circle. ... (28 replies)
... jamie...half of your post I didnt understand, but what I do see is someone with elevated cholesterol and severly elevated triglycerides. We would need some more information to give you our best evaluation. Whats your height/weight? Male, or Female? Do you have any family history of heart problems? Do you excercise, smoke, eat right? These things will help...add... (1 replies)
Fish Oil
Sep 22, 2004
... oil is always a good thing, but it will only help lower your Triglycerides..not your "bad cholesterol". ... (7 replies)
... I still have the pain!! Finally my primary told me to stop taking Lipitor for a month,my cholestral went to 294 and my LDL went to 187. ... (35 replies)
Fish Oil
Sep 22, 2004
... I went to the doctors today and found out that my bad cholestral was 197 total cholestral was 287. He put me on Mevocor low dose 10mg a day. But suggested I try 3000mg of fish oil a day. I don't know anything about fish oil tabs. ... (7 replies)
... This is my first time in this site. My father is in the hospital, lucky to be alive. He was put on Baycol about 2 months ago along with another cholestral drug. ... (8 replies)
... Will it help to quite either the Lipitor or Niacin, but not both? ... (9 replies)
... I wanted to let you know that another way to lower cholestral is the old tried and true " oatmeal " diet. Try to eat the " old fashioned " kind if possible but if you can't, even the instant kind will help. ... (9 replies)
Just wondering???
Jun 15, 2006
... Fish oil is the right thing. 2 grams per day. Most products will probably be listed in mg. The lipidologist that I talk with said that fish oil will lower Lp(a), which is an indicator of inflamation. I will try and look up inflamation in the arteries and fish oil, but the people that I have talked with have credentials, are are very educated in their field. They say that... (29 replies)
Just wondering???
Jun 15, 2006
... Hi All. I have been reading all of these posts and now I am really confused!! Before I read that because I had a terrible reaction to Lipitor and then Zetia I should take Omega-3 (Fish oil) now I'm reading that it can cause inflammation in the arteries. I already have CAD with a stent and a total blockage with Collaterals. I started taking the Omega-3 and now I'm wondering... (29 replies)
... onth. Well, my new problem is my blood work was just redone and my TC went from 180 to 294,and my LDL went from 103 to 187. Does anyone have the problem of their cholestral shot up after going off Lipitor? ... (31 replies)
... I am looking for a link or something to tell me what foods, meats, fish cholestral amounts are. ... (2 replies)
... yes life style will help with the issues in this forum but their are times life style change just isn't enough. ... (21 replies)
What to do?
Mar 15, 2001
... mouth so who knows what did it all I know is that it worked the side affects of lipitor were much less than pravachol and with my family history I need all the help I can get.As far as which is better I think it is all in how your body responds. ... (6 replies)

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