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... The problem with statins is that this is all one molecule. It cannot be broken apart to see if just lowering the cholesterol alone is the active part. If you break the molecule apart you destroy it. Therefore it can't be proven that the lowering of cholesterol is in itself important. ... (14 replies)
... They block the body's ability to make cholesterol, thus lowering the blood level of cholesterol, thereby curing cholesterol neurosis. Doctors and patients equally neurotic have immediate gratification. ... (7 replies)
Hey pcovers
Nov 10, 2002
... unit side chain in the molecular structure. Apart from the important process which provides energy, CoQ10 also stabilizes cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant. In this capacity, it destroys free radicals in the body. ... (10 replies)

... verse effects, most commonly affecting muscle and ranging from myalgia to rhabdomyolysis. These adverse effects may be due to a deficiency because inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis also inhibits the synthesis of CoQ10. ... (5 replies)
... not the Total Cholesterol figure that you have quoted. So you need to know your mum's LDL cholesterol level. The figures below provide a guide as to the expected LDL reduction that can be expected. ... (7 replies)
... Coq10 is an antioxident. It helps cholesterol from becoming oxidized. Cholesterol is only bad when it becomes oxidized. You might not see a change in cholesterol numbers with Coq10, which is not the reason for CoQ10. Rust is a type of oxidation. You don't want your fenders on your cars to rust from the inside out. ... (6 replies)
... I deal with cholesterol issues and take CoQ10. My undersatnding is not that it lowers any cholesterol numbers, but that it replaces the CoQ10 our bodies lose when we are on a statin. Has to do with mitosis and production of energy in the cells. ... (6 replies)
... however, oxidized cholesterol does. That is why Coq10 is a vital nutrient in the body. Cholesterol also binds to toxins in the body and removes them. ... (37 replies)
... My husband was on some type of cholesterol lowering drug for eight years. Lopid, Zocor, Lipitor and we even tried red yeast rice thinking it might have less side effects than prescription statins. ... (34 replies)
... has been shown not to raise blood sugars. Spectracell in Houston can do the intracellular magnesium test, as well as a complete intracellular panel, including cholesterol with is broken down much more than the normal cholesterol panels. Insurance will cover these tests. ... (37 replies)
... know what cerebellar ataxia is like. Since doctors under report statin side effects, we never know how many people are affected and how they are affected. You Coq10 is probably the best thing you could do. Dr DiMauro, and ataxia expert at cornell... ... (8 replies)
... Is lowering the cholesterol with Statins and then lowering the dosage with a view to eliminating them a realistic plan or will it just shoot back up? ... (7 replies)
... you hit on an interesting point. You mentioned that people had low cholesterol from cancer or organ breakdown as it starves the body. ... (40 replies)
... especially, considering the fact that what doctors are telling people today is the acceptable or normal cholesterol level, namely, 200 or below, may actually increase your risk of CANCER and STROKE! Imagine the absurdity of it! ... (23 replies)
... done some research there. Actually I did a bit myself but just today found an article that mentioned something about "statins depleating the body of the enzyme CoQ10 which can then cause "myopathy" and they suspect "cellebellar ataxia" among other things. This enzyme is especially needed for the heart which is a muscle. ... (8 replies)
... Wow I'm impressed, somebody that did his homework. Because of my Mother's health I have done over 150 hours of research on cholesterol and statin drugs. Yes homocystine is more important than cholesterol levels. ... (14 replies)
... If taking a statin you should take CoQ10 anyway. Jarrow is a reputable brand. ... (23 replies)
... relatively high cholesterol is in the genes sometimes. I have found some supplements to be helpful however.. ... (26 replies)
... Unesterfied cholesterol inside of cells can damage and will eventually kill cells. ... (6 replies)
... s own CoQ10 and is better assimilated. ... (5 replies)

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