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Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 13, 2005
... Since your weight is normal and you already get plenty of exercise, you don't have much opportunity to make improvements there. With a family history like yours, I'd take reduction in LDL pretty seriously, even though you are a non-smoker and your relatives with CVD smoked. Unless you had a pretty bad diet before, I doubt that you'll be able to get your numbers down enough to... (22 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 13, 2005
... Steve, Here's the risk assessment on LDL from the American Heart Association: Less than 100 mg/dL Optimal 100 to 129 mg/dL Near Optimal/ Above Optimal 130 to 159 mg/dL Borderline High 160 to 189 mg/dL High 190 mg/dL and above Very High (22 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 12, 2005
... I get plenty of exercise - both at work and at home. I cycle regularly, and my work is physically demanding. I am a little hyperactive, too. I have no weight problem - it is all internal. I had a father who died from heart trouble, and a paternal grandfather who died the same way. My father had high blood pressure. Both of them smoked. Maybe it is genetic. The smoking must... (22 replies)

Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 12, 2005
... Thank you for your response. I am going the diet route first. I guess if my figures haven't altered at all in about four weeks time, then I will have to start considering the genetic connection. I am feeling better than I was before, though. My doctor was all for putting me on medication, but his nurse suggested that I watch my fat intake for around six weeks. Steve (22 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 10, 2005
... Depending upon your answer to those questions, I think it could be either critical that you reduce your LDL a lot, or only desireable to get it down some. ... (22 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 10, 2005
... Well, it's a good thing you're finding this out age 50. Although your HDL is pretty good, the LDL has to come down. I'm an advocate of LDL 100 or less. That means you would need a total of around 180, given your TRIGS and HDL. If you can accomplish that with diet..GREAT. If not....well... ... (22 replies)
Ldl/tc 182/260
Sep 10, 2005
... The only thing my doctor seems concerned about is the LDL level of 182. He wants me to bring it down. His nurse has suggested that I go on a low cholesterol diet for six weeks, and then they will test me again. ... (22 replies)
... I am wondering why I have to go on Lipitor 40mg once a day? I thought a high HDL helped with the other high numbers: LAbs LDL 182 high >160 Total 272 high > 240 HDL 61 (thought it could not be too high) desirable < 35 Trig 147 Desirable under <200 I do have a fatty liver with no other reason except high cholesterol, I do not drink. ( 1 or 2 a YEAR), Am not overweight,... (4 replies)
Lipitor and tricor
Sep 27, 2004
... n , weakness and fatique even though blood work on muscle test was fine. had a another blood test after a month off a lipitor cholesetrol 299 triglycereides 273 ldl 182 hdl 62 feel better but numbers to high now dr. ... (24 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this forum too, and would appreciate comments and advice on my alarmingly ramping cholesterol profile. I've been monitoring my unsatisfactory cholesterol profile for more than a year with my GP, and trying alterations in diet and lifestyle between tests--and avoiding medication. Inexplicably, the cholesterol levels has been ramping significantly--my GP is now... (6 replies)
My results
Jun 30, 2015
... Thanks for your reply and encouraging words Yack. I do need to do some work to improve my LDL. As you said, it is not 'elevated' but it is not a perfect or ideal number so I will work on that. Please see below and help me understand if you see any trends. My tri is kind of erratic. Not sure if you can make any sense out of this but I couldn't put this in here in an excel... (4 replies)
... My latest numbers are down a bit,but need work,and i refuse a statin! total 182 from 189 tri 88 from 121 Hdl 30 ugh! from 28 Ldl 134 from 137 Up to this point i have only taken Omega 3's and increased my exercise. ************************************** (8 replies)
... My wonderful dear friend of many years,Harry,told me to get this,and i will tonight,i was waiting for my latest test results. Seems most are using Nature's Plus? and also taking COQ10 with it? do you have to take the COQ10? Thank you for writing! My latest numbers are down a bit,but need work,and i refuse a statin! total 182 from 189 tri 88 from 121 Hdl 30... (8 replies)
... itor and have always had good to excellent cholesterol readings. In October of this year, my readings were 160 Total cholesterol, 46 Triglycerides, 78 HDL and 73 LDL which is excellent. ... (5 replies)
... on feb 26 my cholesterol was tc=171 hdl=26 trgs=182 ldl=109 non-hdl=145 tc/hdl=6.7 and glucose=80 but and ac1 test = 5.4 this was only a 6 hour fast not a 12to 14 like i usually do . so doc took me of 500mg niaspan and put me on lovaza and vytorin 10/40 !! does anyone know if these drugs interact with each other ? i wanna know about the side effects together. i was on... (4 replies)
... I asked my doctor if I could go down to 20mg and she said no because it terms of LDL that I had "just made it". I think my doc is a little overzealous with the numbers thing. ... (9 replies)
... with HDL at 47 and LDL at 71. Tryglyecrides were 73. Fibrinogen was high as well at 386. All other values were normal. ... (6 replies)
... I finally got my TC below 200, 182 to be exact. I lowered my triglycerides by following a diet based on the glycemic index. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Pat007, Hope that everything works out for your husband. As for Niacin this is all quoting my Doctor, "There is no correlation between type 2 diabetes and Niacin. Someone that has their blood sugar in the normal range may have their blood sugar go up a few points". I have been on Niacin for over seven months and my blood sugar did not change at all. August of... (17 replies)
... Hi, Arizona77, Can you post your BLOOD SUGAR results when you have your tests done again in June? (I saw that you are having them drawn at that time from another post) My husband was on 500mg. for one month. Numbers JAN 2008: TC- 181 HDL- 53 (17 replies)

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