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... To me, these numbers do not look alarming and in need of a statin, unless you have other heart related problems. Your Triglycerides are high and you could work on lowering that number. Are you taking fish oil? ... (1 replies)
High cholestrol
Sep 3, 2015
... mg EPA and 340mg DHA. Do not take more than 3 grams of this product per day as the blood will become too thin and may cause stomach upsets. If you are consuming high daily intakes of Omega 6, then lower its intake to around the same as Omega 3. ... (7 replies)
... The ratios are more important than the total cholesterol number. A complete lipid panel will also include the size of the particles. ... (4 replies)

... Thanks Tess and 40YoFemale ... I have an appointment with the doctor in 10 days, and I am going to ask him to postpone the Statin and tell him about my diet. Hopefully he will go along with that. :) (3 replies)
... Hey Guys I recently had a blood test and the results are: Total Chol: 6.6 Triglycerides: 0.7 HDL-C 2.1 LDL-C 4.2 NON HDL-C 4.5 Chol/HDL 3.1 (4 replies)
... Your doc is only looking at one number. When your ratios are figured, which is more relevant, I see no reason for you to use a Statin. Your HDL, LDL and Trigs are all under the values that are considered risky. ... (3 replies)
... Your ratios are great, all in the low-risk category, but your LDL-P is in the borderline high-risk category. Flush Niacin has the ability to lower this number. It has to be introduced correctly, though. If you want to try it there are many posts here about this, just search for "flush niacin". Best, Tess (6 replies)
... eeing a new doctor as I have moved and she freaked about these results wanting to put me on meds. I flat out refuse. After doing my own research I believe having high cholesterol but good ratios is not a dangerous thing. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks. Yes, I really should do something. Already started eating better the last few days and got some exercise in. Maybe I can see if they will prescribe me Zocor. I've heard it's better than Lipitor. And I knew it was a division process just wasn't sure what I was supposed to divide. Thanks for your help. :) (3 replies)
... You could try alternative but you really should do something to bring these numbers down. Low carb is also very effective, exercise a must. ... (3 replies)
... Your Triglyceride of 207 is HIGH RISK. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Jasil and welcome to the board. Your doctor has advised you fairly wisely, but I feel he is looking at the wrong target. Your Total Cholesterol of 200 is borderline Your LDL of 136 is borderline Your HDL of 34 is HIGH RISK Your Triglyceride level of 150 is borderline Yours ratios: (2 replies)
... A Total Cholesterol reading on it's own today means very little. Ratios are now accepted as being more accurate ten year predictors for the development of heart disease than just a single lipid figure. ... (6 replies)
... The ratios are more important than the total number. ... (1 replies)
... My total cholesterol is over 200 but my excellent ratios put me in the "low risk category". You can't go by the TC alone, although many docs do which is why many people are put on statins unnecessarily. ... (16 replies)
... My wife is Italian and has always tried to put me on a Mediterranean diet for many many years....She failed and now I wished I had listened to her. LOL Now you are not asking my permission to drink red wine are you? LOL.....Permission granted. Look at the French people. Weaned on Red wine, eat diets equivalent to us in the UK, but heart disease is so very low. Fish and... (10 replies)
... P.S. Thanks also for doing the maths and working out the correct ratios (10 replies)
... Ratios of 4 is high, and 6 being very high risk. ... (10 replies)
... Don't think smoking would cause high Trig's, but Saturated fat certainly will. ... (2 replies)
... I believe that a high HDL is partly determined by genetics, but that diet can also have a significant influence. ... (9 replies)

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