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... Hi. My cholestrol numbers are fine, now that I have been on Zocor for 9 months. I just started the Red Yeast Rice, 2nd capsule actually when the flushing started. I stopped taking the RYR now and from what I read, I've actually have been taking two statins, when I started RYR. ... (15 replies)
... fect I was put on Zocor, but experienced flushing. It was then I discovered this great site, and a lot of questions have been answered. I told the doc. about the flushing and the potential side effects I had read about, and said I wanted to try Policosanol which he had no problem with. I had another check after 4 months on Pol. ... (15 replies)
... Perhaps abandoned is the wrong word because Red Yeast Rice IS very much a statin and so you seem to be tolerating the class as long as it's not Zocor. ... (15 replies)

... In the supplement you are looking at the only think that is going to effect your cholesterol directly is the Red Yeast Rice. It is a statin. Many do have good results. ... (9 replies)
... Hey everybody- I posted a couple of days ago concerning this but it seems like either the title wasn't provocative enough or the thread got overlooked. So I'm kind of reposting with a more URGENT sounding title, hoping that someone might help answer some of my questions... Read on: 1) Went to the doctor 4 months ago. Bad news- High Cholesterol. Total cholesterol: 242... (9 replies)
... In Dec. we discussed with the dr. if we could try what we researched out to be Niaspan 500mg for 30 days with red yeast rice 600 mg. standardized, extended release, then the next 30 days increase the niaspan to 1000 mg with the red yeast rice always taken at bedtime with a snack. ... (3 replies)
... so on as you feel you are not having undo flushing. If you are back down a little, but a little flushing is fine. ... (19 replies)
... I wonder what your doc is referring to by side effects from flush niacin. If he means the flushing effect, that is part of what helps to increase HDL. ... (19 replies)
... The side effects for Niacin include flushing, headaches, increased glucose, increased uric acid, stomach upsets. The flushing is annoying but generally not serious. ... (4 replies)
... Cheers Ventureman will do :) (13 replies)
... I have to believe that 2000 mg will be more than theraputic for you. That's the normal recommended ceiling dose for most folks. You return for your money become less after 2000 mg. 3000 mg is suppose to be the max before you risk injury and higher glucose levels. I mentioned this in another post... I just found out my Uncle has been on 3000 mg of imediate release niacin... (13 replies)
... releases histamines...hence, flushing and itching occurs. Aside from this temporary inconvenience, the reaction is quite harmless for the majority of people. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Jenn, Chol. 133 <200- MG/DL Tri. 87 <150- HDL 26 <40- LDL 90 <130- No ''ratio'' as my plan just doesn't provide it. I actually got my LDL's down to 53 at one point....not bad!! Anything else u need? My doc said NO to Niacin, even the non-flushing. He said there are way too many side effects. I've seen this with a family member of mine. Doesn't... (19 replies)
... zip2play I was looking over this thread again, and I realised that your post of 01-17 might have been directed to me. At the time I thought it was to JeanneMarie. Re the "flushing" I experienced with Zocor. About 30 minutes after taking the first pill I felt quite warm, which persisted until about noon the following day. Ditto after taking a pill later that day. Overnight... (15 replies)
... Naomi, That's always been my take on it too. Whatever causes the flush gets the liver into cholesterol-busting activity. Seems the unbearable flush is the best(high blood concentration) and No-Flush is useless (low blood concentration). Niaspan seems to me, to tread the middle road with the 6 hour time release. Since we all react so differently with regards flushing, my... (15 replies)
... free does NOT help because the thing that causes the flushing is the very thing that helps lower your cholesterol. ... (15 replies)
... I just started taking RYR, 2nd day and have severe flushing from it. I've taken 20mg Zocor for 9 months now and no side effects at all. I'm beginning to wonder about RYR. I didn't know it flushed like Niacin? ... (15 replies)
... G'Day Warbonds No side effects so far from the RYR, but as I had "flushing" from 10mg Zocor I suspect that if I took RYR in a higher dose I'd experience the same. From what I've read here, some people tolerate the statins OK and others don't. So at the moment I'm more than happy with the results from RYR. I've also read that some people are taking other supplements such... (15 replies)
... The Niacin I use is Niacin Time by Carlson Labs. I do alot of research before I ingest anything and Niacin can cause flushing and sorta hot flashes. But time release Niacin, which prevents these symptoms is bad for your liver. ... (3 replies)
... f you have insurance, I suggest trying Niaspan extended release niacin. I have not had any issues with it. I'm currently taking 3000 mg a day. I don't get any flushing or side effects. I did slightly at first, but has since subsided. Others still get the flushing with Niaspan. ... (15 replies)

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