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... After relaying to my Dr that I am now taking pain meds for statin induced pain, he has agreed to try something else. That being Niacin ER at 500 mg. I'm hopeful that this will help to change the particle size like I have read in several articles and books that it will. ... (9 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 25, 2007
... the niacin will help reduce the likelihood and severity of a flush. ... (4 replies)
... I am a new member to this board, but frequent on other health boards. I signed up mainly because I noticed that the community here for cholesterol issues looked loaded with knowledge. So here is my question to all you experts.. ... (9 replies)

... I, too, champion the flush niacin. It has worked wonders for me as well. I was on a higher dose for a few years, about 1200 mg a day. ... (3 replies)
... At this point all I can do is hope for the best. All I do know to my understanding and I am no expert by any means is that Niacin is extremely good for cholesterol. Not only does it effectively raise your HDL and raise it turns your HDL to a more proactive size. ... (24 replies)
Niacin Flush
Nov 25, 2007
... shirt up to expose my torso to the cool air is more than adequate to reduce any flushing while sleeping. I now do this in my sleep without even waking up. ... (4 replies)
... release niacin is at higher risk of liver problems than other types of niacin. ... (17 replies)
... Master44, I don't know why your doctor put you on such a low dose, I will tell you that my doctor has used the same type of niacin, inositol hexaniacinate, for many years and told me he is prescribing it more all the time. ... (12 replies)
... My doctor has suggested taking the regular flush niacin to reduce these levels. ... (12 replies)
Niaspan vs. Niacin
Jul 13, 2006
... and raise the HDL and got good results and it wasn't until statins came out that they were advised to switch and he did but as of late he is back to prescribing Niacin again to several patients a week. Not all can take statins. ... (5 replies)
New Numbers
Apr 20, 2005
... With much experience with NIACIN over the past 3 years. The flush is actualy very beneficial. Recently on the news, N.Y.C. firemen were featured taking several hundred mg. of Niacin, shortly before working out on a treadmill. ... (10 replies)
New Numbers
Apr 15, 2005
... I've always heard that the niacin flush is from a histamine release it causes. If that is true then taking 50mg of benadryl 30minutes before the niacin might reduce the flushing effect. I personally would be more apt to believe that the flushing is more from a vasoldiator effect. ... (10 replies)
... released form can cause liver toxicity. I take straight flush niacin. ... (2 replies)
... My HDL runs between 95 and 108. I take flush Niacin. If you decide to try this you would have to ramp up very slowly. This is important to reduce the flushing effect. ... (4 replies)
... Everything except the Niacin will be taken in the morning although I've heard that taking aspirin 30 minutes before the Niacin can reduce the physical manifestations of the Flush... ... (3 replies)
... means. i think this is bad choloestrol. just repeating what the doctors said about vit.c. but then on Dr. Oz problem said if he was deserted on a desert. he would recommend vit. c. so no matter what. ... (6 replies)
... It's flush niacin that you will need to reduce HDL. ... (5 replies)
Niacin no-flush
Dec 6, 2007
... Was she doing anything else at the time for her cholesterol? ... (7 replies)
Niacin no-flush
Dec 6, 2007
... Inositol hexanicotinate has been extensively researched over here in Europe, but very few studies have been carried out in the States. ... (7 replies)
... Your numbers are actually a bit better than these, but find out the particle sizes to get a better picture. ... (5 replies)

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