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... I will wait for my blood results next month before resuming RYR or any other nutrients. ... (7 replies)
... I was taking these Ayurvedic supplements. May be there could have been interraction with Red Yeast Rice: Amruth Tablet Navahrudayakalpa Gokshuradi guggula (7 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 30, 2017
... Thanks for the reply..My follow up would be why would I keep taking a 600MG tablet when a 300MG would suffice? I would at that point purchase the 300MG tablets. and yes, I ordered the coQ10(100 MG Ubiquinol actually) (18 replies)

Higher LDL number
Dec 30, 2017
... Yes. I wrote 600mg...NOT 300mg I discovered during the past couple of years that taking 600mg (2 x 300mg) initially for two months instead of 1200mg (which I suggested on here many years ago) provided only a 5% difference in LDL reduction. Scenario 1: Patient A - 600mg RYR - LDL reduction from 7.2mmol/l to 5.0mmol/l = 30.5% (278.4 to 193.3mg/dl) 600mg can produce... (18 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 30, 2017
... That is quite a disparity from Tess's suggestion of 1200MG and yours of 300MG. I just purchased the extended release and they come in 600MG tablets. I was thinking 1 tablet a day. Any reason you suggest only 300MG? (18 replies)
... Actually, The higher HDL is my most recent result. Not sure why that increased about 25%. I've been eating more fish and started drinking 1 beer a night....which must have raised my trigs and total cholesterol. My ratios are better, but I don't like the LDL number so I will start Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10 start of the year. (6 replies)
... I am in no position to comment on the above. What Indian supplements have you been taking along with the RYR? Yack. (7 replies)
... I realized that I was taking some ayurvedic supplements along with RYR. Wondering if these would have contributed to my high liver enzymes. I checked on the internet for all hep-a.hep-b and hep-c symptoms and I don't have any of these. Also since my Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphate and LDH are normal, can I assume my liver is functioning ok? (7 replies)
Higher LDL number
Dec 27, 2017
... Hi boeingdesigner...long time no hear. I remember advising you several years ago on the nice to 'butt-in' on student (she has learnt The extended version comes as 120 tabs at 300mg each. Start on two tabs in the evening for a couple of months....lipid profile should show 25-35% reduction of LDL and then continue on a maintenance dose of... (18 replies)
Lowering LDL a bit
Dec 27, 2017
... For info: Your LDL ref range is incorrect. Should be <= 3mmol/L (<= 116mg/dl) for people with no medical conditions. Not sure which laboratory ref range you are quoting. Policosanol is a mixture of oils from Cuban Cane Sugar. All favorable studies and trials on this product have been conducted in Cuba or a couple of South American countries. I read some of these studies... (1 replies)
... What have you been taking for such a drop in your HDL? One adverse post on RYR (Natures Plus) against many on here with positives should not deter you. I have answered gop's post on elevated liver enzymes. Have a gander. Yack. (6 replies)
... I have been studying RYR for many years and contributed my knowledge to this board on the subject for several years. ... (7 replies)
Lowering LDL a bit
Nov 30, 2017
... but my LDL cholesterol, which wasn't all that bad I guess. I wanted to ask as the person did below me a few posts about trying policosanol this time instead of RYR and CoQ10. ... (1 replies)
... It worked in about 4 months! I have been using the suggested product (RYR Nature Plus) + omega3 + exercise. cholesterol: from 660 to 485 tirgl: from 205 to 182 hdl: 106 to 112 ldl: 465 to 290 What I have to do improve the numbers further? (4 replies)
... Good day Tess, Thank you for your kind reply. I am increasing RYR to 1200, decrease carbs (already not eating much of it), add more fibers and exercise. I was already expecting TLC to decline below 500. Unfortunately, it is challenging finding Nature’s plus products in Canada. Best regards. air (4 replies)
... Hi, Try taking the brand Nature's Plus RYR, two in the evening. It takes awhile so keep at it with this larger dose. You could also add Flush Niacin if you are up for trying it. It can raise your HDL and also lower your LDL but you have to start with a very low dose (like 50 to 100 mg.) and then ramp up very slowly until months later (may take longer) you reach 1200 to 1500... (4 replies)
... Good day, I have high cholesterol levels (family history). I am 52, in shape and do not smoke. Two months ago, I started to take RYR (Biovea) once a day in addition to Omega 3. After two months, TCL stayed to same at 660, LDL rose to 4.65 from 4.08, while Triglycerides declined to 2.08 from 3.36. What else can I do? (4 replies)
RYR Results
Jul 29, 2011
... Hi Bamac, As you are probably aware, Nature's Plus is the one that I always go for every time because of it's high monacolin content. Taking Statins in some cases increases LDL after a period of time. In your daughter's case, monacolins' appear to have increased hers, so she should find the quantity of RYR she requires to maintain a stable low level whilst monitoring for... (5 replies)
RYR Results
Jul 28, 2011
... Thanks for the reply, Yack. Yes, she has been taking Nature's Plus RYR all along. That's the same one I've been taking for three years with excellent results. Really hate to see her on statins when she's so young. ... (5 replies)
RYR Results
Jul 27, 2011
... Like you, my wife has been taking 600mg RYR amongst other things for three or so years and her lipid profile has remained fairly stable. ... (5 replies)

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