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... Okay, on October 12th here were my numbers: Total Cholesterol 247 Triglyceride 157 HDL 46 VLDL-Calc 31 LDL-Calc 170 After 6 weeks on Zocor, as of November 27th, here are the new ones: (4 replies)
... I just received my test results and though I know they are high I do have a question. Here are the results: cholesterol: 336 triglyceride: 406 LDL/VLDL CALC. INVALID FOR TRIG >400 hdl: 33 ldl: 222 vldl: 81 Can anyone explain the invalid part? (2 replies)
... I've been struggling with high cholesterol for awhile now despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. It runs in my family. I have been trying to tweak my diet and use supplements, but it hasn't helped. I have been taking fish oil and coq10. I wanted to see if any could give me an opinion on whether or not I should consider Statins. I am 24 and would really rather not... (0 replies)

... My father recently passed away, first bypass at 55, second at 62 and sudden death at 65. I have always tried to stay reasonably fit and my cholesterol is relatively normal. I take about 2 grams of fish oil, CoQ10, Vit C, Vit E--run daily along with weights. I decided to have a more in depth cholesterol profile with a cardiologist along with a coronary calcium screening... (2 replies)
... I had a VAP in April 2010 and one this week (July 13). The April numbers were very good, i.e. low ldl, good hdl, low tri., and patten A. However, my July results very similar except that my pattern changed over to B. It seems the pattern B/A ratio (I calculated this went from 3.32 to 4.31. However, my HDL went from 45 to 52 :) I am a 51 year old heart disease patient with... (11 replies)
... Hello, I am new to the board and trying to make some sense of my recent VAP test which came up flagged abnormal for Pattern B LDL yet my other numbers appear to be very good. All units in mg/dl, range listed after found value: LDL 105 <130 HDL 71 >40 VLDL 14 <30 Total 190 <200 (4 replies)
Test Results ughh
Feb 24, 2010
... Hi Everyone, I am 36 years old been on lipitor 5mg (half a pill) on and off (mostly on) since I was 27. Below are my test results from yesterday. I am a little bothered because my doctor wants to up my dose based on the numbers below and I think they are fine. My ratio is excellent. When I first started on lipitor I took 10mg and it wore me out, I can function well on 5mg... (5 replies)
New Numbers
Nov 25, 2009
... Here are my new numbers (fasting). I think they look fine but I'm not as facile as others here interpreting. If anyone sees any problem areas ... Total LDL-C Direct 122 TotalHDL-C Direct 108 Total VLDL-C Direct 14 Sum Total Cholesterol 244 Triglycerides-Dkirect 66 (1 replies)
... These are the most commonly reported numbers. The usual guidelines (which can be found all over the place) say that: LDL should be less than 160, ideally less than 100 (note: guidelines usually indicate that those with more risk factors for heart disease should go lower) HDL should be more than 40, ideally more than 60 VLDL should be less than 30 Triglycerides should... (6 replies)
... Okay here are my latest numbers, I am sorry but I can't make heads or tails out of any of this, I am hoping some one out there can help me.. Total LDL-C direct 213 Total HDL-C direct 44 Total VLDL-C direct 27 Sum total cholesterol 284 Trigs 194 Total Non -Hdl -c 240 Total APOB 100-CALC 157 LP(a) cholesterol 3.0 (6 replies)
... Okay here are my latest numbers, I am sorry but I can't make heads or tails out of any of this, I am hoping some one out there can help me.. Total LDL-C direct 213 Total HDL-C direct 44 Total VLDL-C direct 27 Sum total cholesterol 284 Trigs 194 Total Non -Hdl -c 240 Total APOB 100-CALC 157 LP(a) cholesterol 3.0 (18 replies)
Apr 25, 2008
... Here are my original numbers, I didn't get the results from the second test yet... and it looks pretty bleak Trig 105 HDL 47 VLDL Chol calc 21 LDL 234 I just read about Crestor, which was the other option given to me by my doctor.. but it seems more potent than Lipitor. The one thing that truely bothers me about lipitor is it triggers brochitis.. if there was any... (7 replies)
High everything
Dec 8, 2007
... Since May, it seems as though my health is steadily going downhill. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and now everything is going wrong. My blood cholestrol level are jumping all over the plac. One month everything is high, the next month, everything is normal. Now my dr. thinks i am one of those people with metabolic syndrome. I am not overweight, I walk at least two... (1 replies)
... -------------------------------------------------- I had my labs done on 4/28 and have never had such low numbers. I was taking Vytorin 10/20, Slo-Niacin 500 mg, Fish Oil 4 g/day, 100 mg CoQ10. I started a 1600 calorie counting diet 5 days before plus fasted the night before. My urologist had the tests done because of prostatitis and other male issues (mild to moderate... (11 replies)
... r Trigs. number divided by 5, which in your case is 10, then they take your TC of 161 minus your HDL of 51 and then minus the 10 which calculates your LDL. Your VLDL would be your Trigs. divided by 5, which give U a 10, which is very low. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks Cobalt, :) You are correct. The lady on the phone had LDL at 50.8 to be exact. Today I celebrated with 2 eggs and a donut. :) Haven't had those in awhile. (11 replies)
... dL VLDL carrier. ... (11 replies)
... JJ, Arizona used the Friedwald eqn that he posted, and the calc'd LDL was given, but the poster forgot to mention the TG level. So, as Arizona said, it was 245 +/-2.5 mg/dL. (This is because the internal comp of the VLDL is around 55:12 % TG:CE). This is done to save money, but the eqn does fail at the extremes, e.g. TG> 400 mg/dL, CM present (non-fasting), type III... (15 replies)
... Got copies of a bunch of my test results because I am getting concerned about other issues. Cholesterol 216 Triglyceride 119 HDL 46 Percent HDL 21 LDL Cholesterol, calc. 150 VLDL Cholesterol 20 Chol/HDL Ratio 4.7 (1 replies)
... Just got my bloodwork back and here are my numbers cholesterol 239 triglycerides 251 hdl 48 vldl 50 ldl-calc 141 Can these numbers improve with changed eating habits and more exercise? I am 28 and 175 pounds. (9 replies)

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