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... might be interested in a publication by the American Heart Association, "Changes in Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle with Exercise and Statins" THis was the first investigation to implicate the UPP inskeletal muscle in response to combined exercise and statin Treatment. ... (9 replies)
... If you had problems with Zocor, I wouldn't try is a stronger statin than Zocor, and therefore has a higher rate of side effects. ... (10 replies)
... ells to become permeable. When i have some additional time I will post where all of this info comes from. In the mean time be very, very concerned about Coq10, and look up Dr. ... (9 replies)

... I'm surprised that no one has posted about the recent research on air pollution and its effect of CAD. ... (2 replies)
... that it will show up on an MRI if there is atrophy of the cerebellum. My mother's atrophy showed "consistent with age". Seems that the lowering of cholesterol and Coq10 are enough to damage the cerebellum, but not enough to show up on an MRI. ... (9 replies)
... The cerebellum depends on cholesterol and CoQ10... two substances that doctors and medical companies have ignored the lowering or lack of and the problems they can cause. ... (9 replies)
... I've been taking CoQ10 for a while now - no muscle problems that I've noticed. I wonder just what exactly would show on the liver ultrasound - how does statin-related damage show up? (7 replies)
... years after starting a statin. Unfortunately the liver test doesn't always show up the severe muscle damage. You should be taking CoQ10 if you are already not. ... (7 replies)
... If you are taking Zocor now, you should already be taking Co Q10. ... (10 replies)
... carb diet may reduce your LDL somewhat. But it will definitely increase your triglycerides and lower that very healthy HDL. The net benefit is dubious, to say the least. Especially in view of your medical history. ... (26 replies)
... I agree with the above. Am taking these now for over 8 months and feeling better and sleep like a baby every night. ... (3 replies)
Jun 6, 2006
... regard the numbers. Still I am livid at Merck with their patent on Zocor and Coq10 combo. They explained in the patent why you must have the coQ10 with a stain, but they failed to put it on the market. As the patent for zocor expires on either June 14 or 16 of this year... ... (8 replies)
... Is she on both the Vermapril and Zocor, and how does she take them if they are not compatible? ... (13 replies)
... hy i usually blast statins. You know what cerebellar ataxia is like. Since doctors under report statin side effects, we never know how many people are affected and how they are affected. You Coq10 is probably the best thing you could do. Dr DiMauro, and ataxia expert at cornell... ... (8 replies)
... If I were you I'd stop taking the Zocor and tell my doctor the symptoms I was experiencing. ... (5 replies)
... With regards to your 10mg 3 month results, please provide your TC, LDL, HDL and Tri's for the latest tests. ... (1 replies)
... Today I was disappointed after seeing both my primary care provider and my gynecologist. ... (9 replies)
... I found out that the frequent urination I was having was due to anxiety, not the simivastin. I was only on 5mg. I no longer take that and now I take Red Rice Yeast, Fish oil, Niacin & CoQ10. My numbers are much better with RRY than they were with the Simivastin. My dr. gave me a prescription for the frequent night urination, but I've found over the counter AZO (for pain... (5 replies)
... C and the COq10 protects muscles, the liver and also lowers blood pressure. ... (4 replies)
... I stopped the simvastatin last week, and my insomnia is gone. The frequent urination is still there but I will see a urologist as I think that is a separate problem. ... (5 replies)

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